Anders Bjork has reason to be pumped about Winter Classic

Anders Bjork has reason to be pumped about Winter Classic

 Sometimes, things can have a special meaning for someone.

This is the case for Boston Bruins second year player Anders Bjork when it comes to the prospect of the Winter Classic which the Bruins will be participating in next January. Why? Because they’re going to be player at Notre Dame’s football stadium. Oh yeah, and Bjork played hockey at Notre Dame. See the connection here?

 The Wisconsin native, who is only 22 years old, had quite the career for the Fighting Irish. Most notably, he served as an alternate captain during the 2016-2017 season and put up 52 points (21 goals, 31 assists) in 39 games. During his Irish career, he was also a member of a bunch of Team USA type teams for younger players. So yeah, he was quite the college athlete.

Last season, Bjork even showed what he is capable of doing at the NHL level. After all, he played in 30 games for the Bruins and put up 12 points (4 goals, 8 assists). For a guy who should have still been in college (he forwent his senior year to go pro), that’s honestly impressive.

Right now, it’s fair to say the wing will likely be seeing more minutes this season. After all, the Bruins don’t have a particularly strong farm system and he showed he can compete with the best players in the world. Seriously, what else could they want from him: a kidney?

And besides, you pretty much have to think he’s a good player after watching this clip of him scoring a goal considering that 99.9999999 percent of humans in the history of the world never scored a goal in the NHL (no citation needed).

So yeah, the Winter Classic should be lit, and it means a lot to Bjork, so let’s hope he does something big in it--or else….

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