And Matt Light just endorsed…

What does Matt Light have in common with Curt Schilling and Clay Buchholz? Other than being a Boston sports hero (think Buchholz in 2013, not now), he joined the same team as them recently.

Team? What team? Yes, Light voiced his political opinion recently — and he supports D-Train, or Donald Trump as the mainstream media, his friends and family like to call him — although D-Train sounds a lot cooler.

Light helped introduce Mike Pence up in New Hampshire a few days back which makes sense because no one had heard of him until Trump picked him as his vice presidential nominee. Well, no one around here had heard of him. Or, if they did, then maybe I just hadn’t heard of him. But it’s OK because I don’t vote anyways. Too controversial.

So Light has an interest in politics, eh? Yeah. Everyone has interest in stuff off the field. For example, Mookie Betts is an avid bowler and David Ortiz has a vegetable garden. Just kidding about Ortiz, but he might.

But yeah, Light is probably interested in politics. And if he wants to talk about them, he is an American and that’s something he can do regardless of whether or not people necessarily agree with his views. He can talk politics all he wants, we just don’t have to listen — just like you can listen to music instead of the NESN broadcast during Red Sox games. For example:

But if you think about it, Light and Schilling are on the same team and Schilling had a post yesterday about himself running for office. Maybe he just found his future vice president. Hopefully there’s nothing too controversial in Schilling’s post because I hyperlinked because I didn’t actually read it, so I kind of feel like Hansel in Zoolander right now.

And yes, he is sitting next to Gwen Stefani. And yes, that was her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, sitting next to her. If you haven’t followed current events, she’s with Blake Shelton now.


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