An update on Tommy Heinsohn

An update on Tommy Heinsohn

Here's something some Boston Celtics fans have probably been wondering this season: where is Tommy Heinsohn?

He's a staple on the Celtics TV broadcast on NBCSN-NE (definitely a lot of letters there), but we had been seeing less and less of him as of late. Sure, not seeing him on the road is one thing, but what about home games? He is supposed to be the color commentator there.

Well, it turns out, he is dealing with a case of sleep apnea. The good news right now is, he seems to be doing pretty well.

“They’ve ruled out all [big concerns]” Heinsohn told the station last month. "My heart is real strong, the lungs are clear, nothing wrong with my stomach, and we’re down to, perhaps, sleep apnea. I gotta go through the tests. They’ve put a mask on me here at the rehab.”

And earlier this week, he made another return to the small screen: for the Celtics pregame show, so that's pretty good.

Not to mention he also recently did an interview with The Boston Globe where he said he is getting a new Oxygen mask for his sleep.

“Hopefully, that will allow me to feel refreshed in the morning and not feel my 84 years," he said. "I don’t know, I mean, it got to the point where I would get fatigued walking from the elevator to the [TD Garden] press room. One night [broadcast partner Mike Gorman] and I came up the elevator together, and halfway through I had to go sit down.”

There isn't a clear date set in stone as to if or when he will return to Celtics broadcasts. However, it is at least nice to know he is doing well at this point. After all, the man is a true Celtics legend and even if he was not, we'd still like to see humans doing well.

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