America's Oldest Family Farm Is Still Operating Here In Massachusetts

America's Oldest Family Farm Is Still Operating Here In Massachusetts

Major inventions in our history have shaped our world. The first steam engine (1712), the refrigeration machine (1755), the cotton gin (1793), and the first lawn mower (1830). 

All these inventions made farm life easier as they were refined for agricultural use. However, they all came after the establishment of the oldest working farm in the nation. 

The Bartlett Farm in Salisbury Massachusetts was founded in 1659 and is still operated by the same family today.

The Bartlett Farm has been producing hay, grass-fed beef, vegetables, wood and other much-needed items for almost 360 years. That's 11 generations of farmers!  

Currently, the Bartlett Farm continues to sell home-grown crops to the public. These tasty items include corn, pumpkins, asparagus, cucumbers, strawberries, and many other seasonal New England crops.  

In addition to the lovely produce Bartlett Farm is know for, it also sells gorgeous flowers from its greenhouse and firewood to keep you home warm throughout the winter.  There is even a saw mill that once supplied materials for the Tea Party Boat in Boston - a floating history museum.

The Farm store is open from 9 to 5 daily with holiday hours that may differ.  So stop by and pick up some fresh produce, flowers for the garden, or even fudge for your sweet tooth!

Bartlett Farm is located at 96 Main St, Salisbury, Massachusetts and can be reached via Facebook or by phone at 978-465-7131.

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