Aly Raisman takes silver in women’s all-around

It’s pretty simple: Aly Raisman is one of the best gymnasts in the world.

The Needham native helped show why the United States is great on Thursday as she took home the silver medal in the women’s all-around gymnastics event, an event consisting of four routines. Her score of 60.098  was second to only Simon Biles, her teammate, who was favored to win the event anyways.

Anyone who watched the 2012 Olympics or doesn’t live under a rock knows Raisman is an elite gymnast. And she showed why yesterday.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

But the real highlight of the day was watching her do the floor routine. It blew what she did Tuesday out of the water.

Yes, what she did Tuesday was “insane”. But think about it from her perspective for a minute. In 2012, Raisman nearly medaled in the all-around event. Her score tied Mustafina Aliya for third. But Raisman lost the tiebreaker, so she did not end up taking home bronze for it. And after she landed, Raisman must have known she would be receiving a medal for her performance in the all-around because she absolutely killed it.

It is also worth noting she prepped for the exact moment for four years after being disappointed, so those were tears of joy right there.

Raisman helped Team USA to a team gold medal on Tuesday and in 2012, she took home a gold medal for her performance on the floor and for the team performance.

There’s still plenty of women’s gymnastics left in the Olympics this year too. Sunday, there will be the finals for the vault and uneven bars. Monday is the balance beam final and Tuesday will be the floor final (watch for Raisman there).

Finally, one Boston Red Sox legend was happy to hear about Raisman’s performance.

Boston legends.


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