It's All About The Edibles At Boston's First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

It's All About The Edibles At Boston's First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

Massachusetts is one of the few states to legalize marijuana. More than just a recreational substance, cannabis has the power to help patients battle ailments from chronic pain to chemotherapy-induced nausea. 

As of March 23, consumers in the Boston-area have even more options thanks to New England Treatment Access's (NETA) second branch in Brookline. 

The dispensary offers more than just buds and flowers, the have vapes, waxes, oils, and infusions. Not to mention, their array of edibles are unmatched, and recreational users are eligible to enjoy some of NETA's tastiest offerings. 

NETA stocks two type of edibles. Dose edibles are for medical patients only, but D-Line edibles are targeted to recreational users.

While the Brookline location is near the D Line, the ‘D’ in this case stands for ‘distillate,’ referencing the fact that NETA’s D-Line edibles are made with distillate oil.

To create the oil, marijuana extract is run through a fractional distillation machine, which helps isolate THC and CBD molecules and makes a purer product. As a result, a minimal amount of oil is necessary to achieve the desired dose.

NETA makes and stocks various types of edibles including chocolate bars, brownies, gems, nuggets, and chews.

The chocolate bars and brownies are self-explanatory, but the other products warrant a bit of additional description.

The gems are square, fruit-flavored lozenges, similar to Jolly Ranchers.

Nuggets are "distillate-based, chewy, cocoa caramel bite-sized treats," and chews are orange-flavored gummies, similar to fruit snacks.

All of the edibles contain the purest ingredients and the finest chocolate to ensure a delicious experience.

Customers have the option to choose from varying degrees of CBD oil and THC concentrate. 

CBD is the non psychoactive compound found in the cannabis plant which is used to treat pain and other ailments, while THC produces the buzz or high that is associated with Marijuana. 

You are welcome to visit NETA Brookline during retail hours, But all edibles can also be ordered ahead for pickup. All customers must be 21 or older.


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