Al Horford stepping up his game

After game one, everyone (a lot of people) was (were) so low on the Boston Celtics. It was pretty much they couldn’t rebound and all that. The big men were gonna fail them.  Centers and power forwards were gonna be the reason why the No. 1 seed was finna lose to the No. 8 seed. But no, Al Horford could be the reason why that doesn’t happen…

A lot of people in the regular season were calling Horford a lot of names. But overall, they were disappointed with them. In five playoff games though, they are putting up 16 points per game and 9 rebounds in those contests. Sure, he only put up seven points in game two, but the guy is playing some real good basketball when it matters most.

Horford deserves credit: the C’s were down 0-2, and they’re probably gonna win the series now. Only need to win one of their next two to advance. Not too bad.

Pretty impressive for the Celtics, but it shouldn’t need to happen this way. Let’s be honest, aren’t they supposed to be the best team in the east? Well, they were the top seed. Squeaking out a first round win is fun for the fans, but it has to be a concern. Regardless, Horford is doing big things, so it’s probably not gonna be his fault if they don’t win the championship. Can’t blame Isaiah Thomas either. He’s good.

If they’re going to succeed, then it’ll take these big performances from Horford. A max contract player. So yeah, fans have a right to have high expectations for him. And you kind of have to expect him to play like it in the regular season next year.

Oh, and what else? Avery Bradley is playing some good defense. That’s another guy who doesn’t deserve blame if they lose.

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