Air Canada Hopes To Inspire Global Travel With Pop-Up Poutineries

Air Canada Hopes To Inspire Global Travel With Pop-Up Poutineries

There are a few spots in Boston where you can try Canada's signature dish, Poutine. Saus has several options, while The Gallows, Deep Ellum, and Bostonia Public House each have one poutine menu item.

In an attempt to inspire global travel on their airline, Air Canada has created pop-up poutine spots based on several of the 200+ cities they serve.

Bostonians will get their chance to sample the globally-inspired dishes at our own Poutinerie by Air Canada in Downtown Crossing from October 3 - 14. 

The pop-up will feature 10 different poutine choices modeled after the cuisine of select cities serviced by Air Canada. There will also be a classic Montreal option of French fries, cheese curds, and gravy.

The Paris poutine is gluten-free and consists of french fries, duck confit, crème de brie, and black pepper.

The London features “Chips” (thick-cut fries), chicken curry, and raita.

The Seoul is made with fries, kimchi, and popcorn shrimp.

Each poutine dish is $5. The pop-up will also offer Canadian beer and wine for $4. 

Check out all 10 global-inspired poutine options below:

Montreal “The Classic” (GF) | French fries, cheese curds, beef gravy

Toronto (GF) | Moosehead beer-braised pork, French fries, poultry gravy, sharp cheddar cheese

São Paulo (GF) | Thick-cut fries, grilled hanger steak, chimichurri

Paris (GF) | French fries, duck confit, crème de brie, black pepper

London | “Chips” (thick-cut fries), chicken curry, raita

Seoul | Thick-cut fries, kimchi, twigim popcorn shrimp, spicy aioli, green onion garnish

Shanghai | Hong Shan Yu (sweet potato fries), Chinese-spiced beef kebab, hoisin barbecue sauce

Casablanca | Sweet potato fries, taktouka

Tel Aviv (GF) | Thick-cut fries, falafel, beet hummus, masabacha tahini yogurt, sour pickle

Tokyo | Thick-cut fries, ground pork, ponzu and sesame sauce (thickened), pickled daikon or shredded carrot, ginger

Air Canada will donate all proceeds from the Boston pop-up to About Fresh, a local nonprofit that helps communities in need gain access to healthy food.

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