A Kendrick Perkins reunion in Boston? Danny Ainge weighs in...

A Kendrick Perkins reunion in Boston? Danny Ainge weighs in...

Kendrick Perkins made his intentions clear. He would like to play for the Boston Celtics again, if that were possible, but it looks like the Celtics front office has other ideas.

Perkins, who spent much of the 2000s as the team's starting center, said in a recent interview that he'd love to finish his career with the Celtics on a 10-day contract or something at the end of the season. He understands though that he wouldn't be an impact player on a team who is trying to contend. After all, his last real season was the 2015-2016 campaign when he was a backup center for the New Orleans Pelicans. Not really the kind of guy the C's need right now. That's pretty much what Danny Ainge said as well, politely, of course.

“I don’t think it’s a good fit for our team right now. You never know what happens through the course of the season, but we have a lot of bigs and a lot of bigs we really like that we can’t even find time for,” he said on 98.5 The Sports Hub earlier this week. “It’s probably not a good fit for us at this moment.”

That's a classy way to play it off. He didn't insult the guy. He didn't close the door on it entirely but yeah, probably not gonna happen right now.

But... if the C's were to tank and the season had no meaning, why not? It's not like it's impossible, it's just highly improbable. But then again, who would have thought Brian Scalabrine would be a Celtics broadcaster after his forgettable career in Boston? Stranger things have happened. Also, there's the nostalgia factor that fans would like. That'd be like if the Red Sox could get Alex Cora back in say a managerial role or something.

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