A Draft Beer In Boston Is One Of The Most Expensive Pints In The World

The analysts at Deutsche Bank recently compiled a data report on the prices of various services around the world for their clients. Included in the study was the cost of a draft beer (500 mL or 1 pint) in an average neighborhood bar in 2017.

Out of 47 cities across the globe, a pint at a Boston pub was the fifth most expensive on the list, behind only Oslo, Singapore, Hong Kong and New York City, respectively.

The average Boston draft beer runs a whopping $7.20 – quite the costly leap from the same pint at a pub in Prague, Czech Republic. There you will pay only $1.30 per draft.

Oslo, Norway was number one on the list with a $9.90 pint, followed by Singapore ($9.00), and Hong Kong ($7.70).

Among the four American cities included in the report, Boston was the second-most expensive, just 20 cents behind New York City where the average beer runs $7.40. San Francisco followed Boston at $6.20 and Chicago was the cheapest of the US cities and #22 on the list overall at $5.30.

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Check out the full chart as it appears on Business Insider below.

The fact that a frosty draft beer in Boston costs more than nearly 90% of the major cities in the world comes as no surprise when you take a look at the cost of living data for the city.

According to expatistan.com, which compiles data from hundreds of actual residents to determine the average costs of housing, food, entertainment, clothing, transportation and personal care for cities worldwide, Boston is the 6th most expensive city in North America and the 14th most expensive in the world (out of 217 cities with reported data).


When compared to Charlotte, NC, average housing in Boston is a whopping 74% more costly!

Expatistan’s also found that Boston ranked the fifth most expensive in the world for furnished studio apartments, Internet and, of all things, toilet paper!

What do you think of the high cost of living – and beer – in Beantown? Is it worth it to live in the greatest city in the world?

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