Social Distance With Goats In Georgetown

Social Distance With Goats In Georgetown

Did you know that goats have a special talent? No, it's not fainting, screaming, dancing or any of the other viral videos you've seen! It's their gift for devouring plants that are extremely irritating to humans.

In fact, the goats of Goats To Go at Great Rock Farm in Georgetown, Massachusetts spend their summers gnawing away weeds and poison ivy from from local golf courses, businesses, and private homes.

After their busy season they retire to the farm for some downtime where they are available for visits with humans. 

In addition to their immunity to poison ivy, goats are also immune to the stresses of the COVID-19 pandemic making them excellent social distancing partners!

When you visit Great Rock Farm you can join these cuties for hiking trips, yoga sessions, or just a bit of relaxing cuddles.

In fact, hanging out with goats is so good for your mental and physical health, MTV featured Goats To Go on their show, 16 & Recovering about young addicts and their quests for sobriety.

The Goat Snuggle and Learn sessions are 40-minute events where visitors can feed the goats, learn about their care, and maybe even feed some little ones.

Great Rock Farm has more than 100 very happy, very spoiled goats. When they aren't doing yoga or strolling the scenic grounds with guests, you can usually find them grazing on the finest hay or trying on their Halloween costumes.

There's even a haunted goat barn...whatever that means.

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