6 People You'll Meet On A New England Beach

6 People You'll Meet On A New England Beach

There's nothing better than a beach day in the summer. With the feeling of soft sand between your toes and the warm rays of the sun hitting your face. However, arguably the best thing about a beach day ESPECIALLY in New England is the people watching. There are a few personalities that stand out when your at the beach and we've narrowed it down to 6. See if you can recognize any of these beach goers next time you head to the beach. You won't regret the entertainment value!




Most likely sporting a t-shirt he got in the airport at his last tropical vacation, this guy loves to chat. If you see him on the beach, prepare yourself for at least an hour of photo-sharing and reminiscing about his last trip to Sandals. With a fancy drink in hand, dressed with all the fruit you can imagine, this guy is still in vacation mode...and he might be for eternity.




If you spot two women, sitting side by side in their beach chairs laughing the day away - unaware of how sound travels, holding red cups rimmed with salt, these are your beach besties. These two have been friends longer than you've been alive. They love their Maahgs and they love their gossip!



Usually surrounded by a flock of seagulls, this bum is here to bake. With his skin 10 shades darker than he was at the start of beach season, this bum isn't afraid to show a beach body closer to that of a whale than a body-builder. With his coolah full of bud heavys and a plate of fried snacks, he is a gull's best friend. You might find him with his bucket hat draped over his eyes while he naps away the day. Do NOT wake him up...you might find yourself face down in the sand if you do!



Equipped with all the portable beach games you can ask for, this beach bro is ready for a day of sinkin' and drinkin.' He's single and ready to mingle during summah break on the beach and will most likely find a spot with his friends right next to a group of beach babes. Where better show off his ripped bod and talented skills? Make sure to catch him at the beginning of the day because by the end, he'll be stumblin' through the sand asking anyone who will listen where he parked his caahh.


You might want to lay your towel down at least a mile away from these folks. Carrying a myriad of beach toys to occupy their little ones for a day at the beach, this family is just looking to tire them out. This means, there WILL be sand...everywhere. They have become immune to the sound of children screaming, sand whipping in every direction while they attempt to bury dad in a sand coffin, but that is not always a day at the beach to the people surrounding them. These are the people that take the term "SANDwich" quite literally. 



These young ladies come to the beach for one reason - to work on their tans. Straight out of school, they flock the beach in crowds of 5 plus, fully equipped with tanning oil and a coolah full of seltzers. Why seltzers you ask? According to these chicks - seltzers are the lowest of calories when it comes to alcohol so when it comes to maintaining their beach bodies, these slender cans don't count! If they make a hole in the sand in front of them, it's only to hold Becky's hair back when she pukes - NOT from the seltzers of course, but she must have eaten a "bad salad."


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