5 Unique Lobster-Infused Foods To Enjoy In Maine

5 Unique Lobster-Infused Foods To Enjoy In Maine

The whole world loves lobster and Maine is known for having the most succulent catch. Tourists come from all over to try an authentic Maine lobster roll or steamed tails.

In addition to these traditional favorites, there are several adventurous options across the Pine Tree State for the die-hard lobster fan to try out! Have you ever indulged in one of these 5 dishes?

1. Lobster BLT

Chef Lynn Archer of the Brass Compass Cafe in Rockland, Maine has the distinct honor of knowing that one of her creations beat out the famous Bobby Flay! In 2009 the chefs went head-to-head in a "King of Clubs" competition. Archer's lobster BLT took the prize! 

The sandwich is simply made, but done to perfection with three slices of thick, homemade white bread, loads of fresh lobster, mayo, tons of savory bacon, topped with lettuce and tomato. Head to Rockland to get a taste!


2. Lobster for Breakfast

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Combining lobster and eggs is not a new concept, but The Porthole in Portland, Maine makes lobster for breakfast into an art form! They serve lobster benedicts and a variety of lobster omelets, including local-favorite, the Casco Bay. It's loaded with lobster, crab, tomatoes, arugula, goat cheese, and lemon hollandaise - yum! 


3. Lobster Doughnuts

Portland's Holy Donut has combined Maine's two favorite foods - lobster and potatoes - into one unique treat. Owner and chef, Leigh Kellis, stuffs fresh lobster meat into the center of a soft potato doughnut, creating a savory alternative to your typical jelly or cream-stuffed donuts.


4. Lobster Ice Cream

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Adventurous souls with a sweet tooth will want to flock to Bar Harbor to try out lobster ice cream from Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium. This long-running menu staple consists of butter-flavored ice cream packed with real chunks of fresh Maine lobster that has also been cooked in butter. 

5. Lobster Pizza

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This one isn't such a stretch for lobster lovers - everyone loves pizza, right? But if you are going to try this particular dish, what better place to indulge than one of several Maine restaurants? Cornerstone in Ogunquit's cold picked lobster pizza is a local favorite and a great intro into the wild world of Maine lobster pizza!

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