5 Takeout Favorites From Eater Boston

5 Takeout Favorites From Eater Boston

Although indoor dining has been tentatively restored to Boston area restaurants, many people are still not comfortable exposing themselves to that experience.

Luckily the folks at Eater Boston have had six months of takeout and delivery experience in order to bring you their top recommendations!

The full list has more than 30 entries. We have collected just 5 of their favorites here.

1. Viet Citron | Burlington

This newish Vietnamese restaurant has rave reviews from internet food-enthusiasts. Eater's Rachel Leigh Blumenthal recommends the bánh hỏi. This spot offers outdoor seating and takeout, but is not partnered with any delivery services at this time.

2. Goldilocks Bagels | Medford

For breakfast, baked goods, and delicious deli sandwiches, Blumenthal has four favorite bagel shops in the Boston area including Goldilocks Bagel. She suggests the rosemary salt bagels, everything bagels, and chocolate chip cookies. They currently offer takeout on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings.

3. Dakzen | Somerville

Dakzen is one of Blumenthal's favorite Thai restaurants in "Boston’s increasingly excellent Thai food scene." She writes:

"Every dish is a hit, especially the khao soi — one of the best in town, but these days I find myself most frequently ordering the ba mee moo dang, which includes so many different components: barbecue pork, crispy pork belly, pork and shrimp dumplings, noodles, and more. And a lime iced tea on the side, always."

Dakzen offers takeout (see website), delivery (GrubHub and Uber Eats), and indoor dining.

4. Highland Kitchen | Somerville

This spot in Spring Hill offers dishes like jambalaya, gnocchi, and grilled Iggy’s bread with roasted garlic under normal conditions, but is currently focusing on fried chicken and milkshakes for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining. 

5. Jamaica Mi Hungry | Boston

This aptly named restaurant in Jamaica Plain features crave-worthy jerk chicken, coconut shrimp, mac and cheese and plantains according to Blumenthal. She called her visit "one of my absolute favorite takeout meals of 2020."

Jamaica Mi Hungry is currently offering takeout and delivery in Jamaica Plain; plus, the restaurant’s food truck is parked at 182 Western Ave. in Allston for lunch takeout.

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