5 Things To Wear To Country Concerts This Summer

5 Things To Wear To Country Concerts This Summer

There is no better way to spend your summer nights than at Fenway enjoying some country music. You may be thinking  What do I Wear? We’ve picked our top 5 products that would be perfect for any country concert you attend this summer.
    1. She’s From Boston T-Shirt

Why not represent country music and your favorite city? Picture this...it’s Saturday afternoon you just pulled into the parking lot, you get out of the car and crack a spiked seltzer and lay back in your lawn chair and get ready for the night. I can't imagine a better time. This country-inspired t-shirt can be paired with a denim jacket or a pair of cowboy boots for a comfortable country concert look.

     2. Beer Huntah Dirty Water Trucker Hat
On the hunt for a good time? When you’re out in the parking lot pounding down those Bud Lights and laughing with your buddies, this hat will make everyone around you jealous. Wear this hat and there's a good chance people will share their beers with you.

   3. Mass-America CamoTree Mesh Hat
Rep your state in our Mass-America CamoTree Hat! You will fit right in with this hat at any country concert while also showing off your American pride. When you're not feeling a cowboy hat this will do just fine!

    4. Country Musichusetts T-Shirt
Celebrate country music while also representing The Bay State. Show off your love for country music and everything it stands for with this Country Musichusetts T-shirt. Filled with acoustic guitars and cowboy boots you will be the star of the show.  This t-shirt will be perfect under your flannel or paired with your favorite pair of denim jeans.

      5. Humble, Kind and Wicked Country T-Shirt
Us New Englanders are known for being passionate country music fans. Show off your New-England “tude” by staying humble, kind, but a little bit wicked. Perfect for a summer night in Fenway listening to your favorite type of music with your favorite people.


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