5 Amazing things at Restoration Resources

Have you ever looked at your home and felt like something integral to its vintage décor was missing? Well then, let us present to you your rescuer, Restoration Resources. Located at 1946 Washington Street in Boston’s historic South End, this four storied building is the perfect showroom and warehouse for architectural antiques dug up from historical sites, interesting buildings, churches, period homes, and town houses throughout New England. This winner of Boston magazine’s 2011 Best of Boston Home Award for green, Restoration Resources offers its customers one of a kind eco-friendly decors not only for purchase but also for rent. Here are 5 amazing things at Restoration Resources that you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

1) Doors:

Impressive entrance to your crib? More like impressive introduction to your world! For only $50 to $500, you can choose from hundreds of old period doors to give your house a late 1800’s or an early 1900’s look. Door variety includes interior, pocket and entrance doors, in many traditional styles, wood types and sizes.

2) Garden/ Statuary:

If you’re one to enjoy staying in touch with nature in style, a shopping spree at Restoration Resources will allow you to sit on old iron and wood benches whilst admiring your artsy gates, fencing and stone, iron and cast statues of various sizes for prices ranging from $100 to $5000.

3) Lighting:

Dazzle your nights away with the catholic collection of electric and/or gas chandeliers, old wall sconces and ceiling fixtures for $25 to $2000 at Restoration Resources.

4) Mirrors:

Restoration Resources knows that its customers deserve only the best ornately carved mirrors with original wood finish, original gold leaf finish and ebonized and painted finishes ( for $200 to $5500) to complement their beauty, whether it be by the stairway or over the mantel, foyer or parlor.

5) Stained Glass:

For $200 to $950, Restoration Resources allows you to give your home a Victorian look with its Stained Glass and Leaded Glass Windows collection. Not only this, you can also find arch top, transom, oval, round, and side lights in both standard and unique shapes here.

So, if you’re in search of some unique finds or for a stellar addition to your house Restoration Resources is your go-to solution!

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