4 NFL teams interested in Patriots' Flores for head coaching job

4 NFL teams interested in Patriots' Flores for head coaching job

Thinks Josh McDaniels is the only New England Patriots coach drawing interest from other teams? Hah! Think again.

Maybe we wish that was the case because you never want to see good coaches leave the team--like Matt Patricia did to become the Detroit Lions head coach. But that will not stop other teams from trying to give Brian Flores, the team's de facto defensive coordinator, a shot.

That's right, Ian Rapoport reports that the man will be going to four interviews for head coaching jobs over the weekend. Representatives from the Miami Dolphins and Green Bay Packers will come to Foxborough (or Foxboro, I don't know which is the socially acceptable way to spell it) to meet with him.

And then on Saturday, he will have a meeting with the Denver Broncos as well as the Cleveland Browns. Yes. That's right. He might end up being the coach of the Cleveland Browns. Good luck with that one.

Flores, who is 37 years old, is listed as the team's linebackers coach but come on, we all know what he really does. He helped the Patriots finish the season with, statistically speaking, one of the top-10 best offenses in the game this season.

According to MassLive, Flores also interviewed for the Arizona Cardinals head coaching job, but obviously did not get the part.

He's actually been in the Patriots org for awhile now, first as a scout, next as a coaching assistant and then as a positional coach (first with the safeties and now with the linebackers).

So yeah, it would not be great for the Patriots to see him go but then again, he has to do what is best for himself and whatever that means, we should respect the move. After all, it's not like former Patriots turn out to be thorns in the side of the Pats or anything.

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