30th Best Place to live in the US

Boston is a great city to live in and many factors contribute towards making it the 30th best place to live in the US. With rising opportunities, the population is also increasing,  which is triggering an increase in housing costs. The housing market is one of the main reasons that kept Boston from ranking higher on the list.

U.S. News and World Report recently studied 100 densely populated American cities to determine the best places to live in the US. The study was based on five key attributes: job market, cost of living, quality of life, desirability and rate of flow of people in and out of the city.

Why is Boston ranked 30th?

Like any other city, Boston has its pros and cons, which helped determined the result of the study. Boston ranked the best in the job market category while it scored the least in the cost of living category. This means that Boston is a pricier city. Apart from these, other attributes like desirability and quality of life were ranked at an average level. All of which added up to make Boston the 30th best place to live in the US.

Another notable finding of the study is that Boston outranked New York, Chicago and even Los Angeles by over 50 spots! Despite winning the big cities, Boston scored lower than Austin, Texas and San Francisco.

Each city has its uniqueness, which sets it apart from the rest. Boston is beyond just a number in a list and is known for the wide variety of culinary delights that it offers. There are restaurants with scrumptious food from across the globe. It is also well known for its prestigious educational institutions, health care and sports teams. If you live in Boston then you’re probably enjoying or have enjoyed most of the things that are unique to Boston. If not, it’s time to pack your bags!

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