3 things you should know about Ferris

Technology has progressed to the extent that our handheld devices are our go-to for many things. Simple things like maps are replaced with GPSs, and you don’t even need to visit a new place to know about it, the internet has it all! Your phone has the Internet and everything it entails. This paved way for a lot of innovation. Amidst all the information you can get from the internet or anywhere else, Robinson Greig started a project called Ferris, who is a person you can text to know what’s happening in Boston. This is something everyone should try, but before that let me tell you 3 things you should know about Ferris:

Powered by real people

Ferris started with only Robinson Greig manually recommending events and programs in texts. Then to add more spice to the project, Paul Berry joined in. Greig named it Ferris Bueller to humanize the product. The coolest thing about the product is that it is still operated by real people, Greig and Berry.

Easy way to look for adventure

Looking for adventure is made a hundred times easier with Ferris. Breaking free from your routine to try something new has never been simpler. All you have to do is text him. You might question, why text him instead of just searching it on the internet? This is because the internet will reply you with the same reviews and the same filters. Text Ferris and add a little more adventure!

Chat to find out what’s new

Texting Ferris is like texting a friend. All your events are recommended to you via text, just like a friend would do.

So, with this super easy way of just texting Ferris, you can know everything that’s happening in Boston. It might be the weekend or just another working weekday, ask Ferris to find something to do in Boston and enjoy every moment of the plan. All you need to do to get involved in something in Boston is text Ferris!

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