25 Things Kids Who Grew Up In Massachusetts Can Relate To

A Massachusetts childhood is like no other – great food, awesome places to explore, and pretty much our own language – what’s not to like? So let the rest of the world complain about our high taxes, snarky residents and crazy weather – we wouldn’t have it any other way! Here’s 25 ways you can tell that you’re an official, tried and true, dyed in the wool Masshole kid!

  1. Every school field trip you took involved the Freedom Trail or Plymouth Rock
  2. When you needed a drink between classes, you got it from “The Bubblah”
  3. You spent at least part of your summers “Down the Cape”
  4. While Down the Cape, you mocked tourists who couldn’t figure out the rotaries
  5. Obscene gestures and insults were part of your Driver’s Ed training
  6. Also, being reminded to “Use ya blinkahs!”
  7. Kids from the coast were raised to detest “Summer People”
  8. Fall leaf peepers were even worse than the summer people
  9. Your mom or dad sent you to the local “Packie” with a note and some cash to get them “liquah”
  10. Sometimes they had you buy “Nips” – which the rest of the world know as mini bottles
  11. You cheered for the Sox, the Pats, the Celts, and any team playing against New York
  12. Your favorite part of Bruins games were the fights
  13. You grew up despising New York, but not really understanding why
  14. Even though the seats at the original “Gahden” were sticky and unbearably uncomfortable, you’ll never fully accept the new TD Garden
  15. Your friends were not “extremely dumb”, they were “Wicked Retahded”
  16. You drank Tonic, never Soda
  17. Until you were old enough to drink Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, that is
  18. Your friends knew exactly what you meant when you asked “Wanna get a Dunks?”
  19. You will drink Dunks Iced Coffee when it’s below zero outside
  20. You call a mirror a Merrrah
  21. You may drop R’s from certain words, but you add them to others, for example – Vaniller ice cream
  22. You find it hysterical when other states cancel school over 6 inches of snow
  23. You carry a hoodie every where you go because of that crazy Massachusetts weathah!
  24. You thought Bernie & Phyl and Barry & Eliot were celebrities
  25. And finally, you consider it a badge of honor to be called a Masshole
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