20 Things Kids Who Grew Up In New Hampshire Can Relate To

Want to mess with a kid from the Granite State? Ask him to say “Park the car in Harvard Yard.” Not only do they resent the implication that they are from Massachusetts, they are also in denial that they have accents. If you grew up in New Hampshire, read on to see if you can relate to these 20 statements.

  1. You’re used to being one of the ones people forget when they are trying to name the 50 states
  2. You consider Al Kaprielian a big time celebrity
  3. Canobie Lake Park is your Disney Land
  4. Your stores are full of Taxachusetts residents thanks to NH’s lack of sales tax
  5. As much as you hate Massholes, you still say “Wicked”
  6. And root for the Sox
  7. And even though Massholes are awful, New Yorkers are way worse
  8. Boston is “down South” to you
  9. Adam Sandler is your unofficial state mascot
  10. The Old Man of the Mountain haunts your dreams
  11. If you fall behind on a hike, you may never be seen again – literally
  12. You have attended an abnormal amount of bonfires
  13. You learned to ski before you could ride a bike
  14. Even though it feels isolated, your within hours of Boston, NYC, Quebec City and Montreal
  15. You actually know all your neighbors’ names
  16. The men had beards long before they were trending
  17. There are at least 3 farm stands in every town
  18. If your town has more than one stoplight and/or gas station, it’s considered a city
  19. You have to interview every potential mate to make sure you aren’t related
  20. You’re disappointed when the weather calls for a foot of snow, because it’s probably not enough for them to cancel school in New Hampshire
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