Trendy Ax-Throwing Bars Are Coming To Boston In 2018

Trendy Ax-Throwing Bars Are Coming To Boston In 2018

Boston is certainly no stranger to hot trends. Our vibrant city is always open to sample the latest in entertainment, so it comes as no surprise that we will soon welcome this year's most exciting craze - axe-throwing bars!

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Chris Greeno, one of the co-founders of Revolution Axe, chocks it up to tavern goers' desire to have something to bond over while they drink and chat.

More and more establishments are offering board games, shuffleboard, pool tables and interactive competitions like trivia for patrons to enjoy with their pints.

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Revolution Axe is set to open this April in Everett, MA. The independent business was founded by Greeno and fellow locals Dan Doran, Greg DiLullo, and Tom Vieth who got the idea for the themed bar while visiting similar establishments in Toronto and Montreal.


For those concerned about the safety of such ventures, Osgood says they've got it covered.

“We don’t allow anyone to come in and throw axes without getting proper training courtesy of our coaches,” He told “For the first 15 to 20 minutes, the coaches will go over safety precautions, the rules of the game, and proper throwing techniques. The attendee will then be able to throw a couple axes to get the feel. For newbies, it often takes a few throws before the axe actually sticks! The ‘axepert’ … remain[s] with the axe throwers throughout the experience. No one is ever allowed to throw axes unsupervised, no matter how many times they may have thrown before.

“Additionally, the arenas themselves are ‘walled off’ and separate from one another to ensure that the axe being thrown at the respective target will remain [in] the same vicinity. Each target is also separate from the one next to it, so there’s no chance of hitting the other person’s target.”

Urban Axes, the other weapon-tossing tavern, is expected to open in Somerville's Union Square this summer. While details are still hazy, a representative for the Philadelphia-based company confirmed the bar will feature three to four throwing arenas with four targets each.



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