2 best summer weekend spots at Boston

Are you in the greater Boston area and wondering what you should do on summer weekends? Are you tired of going to a restaurant or a museum, and are you looking for a fun outdoor activity? During the summer a little bit of sunshine and some splashes of water can be ideal. So, chances are you will spend at least one weekend going to a pool. Here are two best summer weekend spots at Boston, two best pools for anybody to enjoy.

Magazine beach pool

Magazine beach consists of a swimming pool, picnic areas, soccer fields and plenty of area for other activities. The best part of the beach is the swimming pool. It is clean and overlooks the Charles River. Also, the pool is absolutely free, yet not very crowded, except in the shallow ends with kids. So if you’re looking for some summer fun on a budget then this is definitely a must visit place.

Colonnade rooftop pool

Even though the pool is a little expensive for the public and cheaper for hotel guests, the Colonnade rooftop pool is amazing for swimming. Relax at the rooftop lounge and enjoy a great view from the top with an amazing swimming experience at the city’s only rooftop pool. However, it is closed during the weekends to the public, to enjoy during a summer weekend, you have to be a hotel guest or a Colonnade resident. So, this might be a bit of your summer weekend indulgence to unwind and relax.

These pools make sure that you don’t have to go far away to cool off during the warm summer temperatures. Do something fun during a weekend this summer and beat the heat with Magazine beach pool or the Colonnade rooftop pool. Go with family or friends or enjoy some alone time!

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