10 St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails To Wow Your Guests

Whether you are planning a simple get together with family, friends and corned beef or a massive pre-game session before hitting the parade and the local bars, you can impress all your guests by mixing up one – or more – of these deliciously festive cocktails!

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Shamrock Juice

Don’t let the pretty green color fool you! This drink consists of equal parts, vodka, gin, rum and tequila! Just one is the equivalent of three and a half standard drinks so GO EASY!


Honeydew Martini 

Simple, sophisticated and a beautiful shade of green. Vodka, midori and triple sec.



Emerald Rain 

The green color comes from Hpnotiq mixed with orange juice. Very pretty and perfect for Midori haters!



Irish Flag

This unique shooter features the colors of the Irish flag layered one on top of the other using green creme de menthe, Licor 43 and Irish cream.



Gold Emerald Shooter

This one may not please every palate – it combines the melon of Midori with the cinnamon of Goldshlager – but it’s green and it sure is pretty!


Misty Mint

This cool, refreshing cocktail features green creme de menthe and light rum. A surefire hit for St. Patrick’s Day.


Irish Hammer

This shooter is not for the faint of heart! Made with Jack Daniel’s, Irish Mist and Bailey’s.



Irish Cola 

If the thought of yet another green drink makes your guests gag, try the simple and timeless, Irish cola made with Jameson’s Irish whiskey, Bailey’s and cola.


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There are two different recipes called the Jade cocktail. The link has both – one a darker green than the other, so just pick whichever recipe sounds tastier to you!




Tequila + Midori + green creme de menthe + white grapefruit juice + pineapple juice = It tastes much better than it sounds!!

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