10 Quirky Roadside Attractions That Are So Perfectly Maine

Maine has a long, proud history displayed in it’s landmarks and attractions. From famous lumberjacks to beloved crops and iconic clothing stores, these 10 roadside attractions are, fun, quirky and perfectly representative of what The Pine Tree State is all about.

1. Paul Bunyan Statue, Bangor

Standing an impressive 31-feet tall, Bangor’s Paul Bunyan statue is supposedly the tallest in the world. Mainers will tell you that ol’ Paul – and the lumber industry itself – got their start in Bangor. Residents of Akely, Minnesota beg to differ, claiming that Mr. Bunyan is their hometown boy. Wherever Paul really hails from, one thing is for sure – that is one HUGE statue!


2. World’s Largest Rotating Globe, Yarmouth

Housed in a three-story glass atrium at Garmin’s Research & Development Center in Yarmouth, the globe nicknamed “Eartha” took more than 2 years to build. Eartha beautifully demonstrates what the oceans, continents, mountain ranges, deserts, lakes, rivers, and more look like from space.


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3. The World Traveler Sign, Lynchville

Thanks to some very exotic town names, Maine is home to a must-see landmark for fans of roadside kitsch. Located in rural Lynchville, the sign tells you exactly how far you have to drive to reach such “foreign” locales as Paris, Poland and China.

Maine, where you can visit Norway and China by car… apparently! #maine #sign #funnysign #worldtravellersign #lol

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4. Quadruple Mailbox, Hogdon

One local taxpayer in Hogdon has decided to make a not-so-subtle political statement about the US Mail service with his four-way mailbox stacked high into the sky.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bill Spangler
Photo Credit: Facebook/Bill Spangler


5. Hussey’s General Store, Windsor

What could be more Maine than shotguns, wedding gowns and cold beer? Hussey’s has been an institution in Windsor since 1923. Their motto is “If we ain’t got it, you don’t need it!”

Doin' all the Maine stuff. #husseysgeneralstore #roochietoochie

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6. LL Bean Bootmobile, Freeport

The Bootmobile is more of an on-road attraction than a roadside attraction, since it is usually on the move visiting events and college campuses across the east coast. Visit the company website to find out where you can catch the bootmobile next.


7. Wild Blueberry Land, Columbia Falls

This quirky little shop is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Built in 2001 to look like a giant blueberry, the shop pays homage to the beloved crop in every way possible. From fresh-baked blueberry pies, scones, cakes, etc. to jams, jellies, sauces and blue gifts – Wild Blueberry Land is a Maine must-do!



8. Lenny the Chocolate Moose, Scarborough

Lenny the life-sized moose – composed entirely of chocolate – has been standing proudly at Len Libby Candies in Scarborough since July 1, 1997. Lenny is reported to be “the world’s largest chocolate animal sculpture” weighing in at more than 1700 pounds of pure chocolate goodness.

Made completely of chocolate! #portlandmaine #lennythechocolatemoose

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9. The Big Freeport Indian, Freeport

The B.F.I. or the “Big Indian” looms 40-feet over Route 1. He was commissioned by the owner of the old Casco Bay Trading Company from a Pennsylvania-based artist in 1969. Apparently the B.F.I’s trip from PA to Maine on a flat-bed truck was quite the sight to see!

Maine's #BigTex equivalent? #TheBigIndian

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10. The World’s Tallest Indian, Skowhegan

At 62-feet tall and standing atop a 20-foot base, the Skowhegan Indian is easily the world’s tallest, but he’s far too skinny to be considered the largest. That honor goes to Michigan’s Hiawatha statue. Built in 1969 for Maine’s 150th anniversary, the statue is dedicated to Maine’s Abnaki Indians, who are known to have helped the Pilgrims.

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