10 Iconic Products Locally Made In New Hampshire

Gone are the times when all the essential products you needed for your family were created by local artisans. We now have the convenience of super stores that sell a little bit of everything, but in the process we have lost that touch of quality and expertise.

It’s nice to know that some of the companies we love have remained right here in the USA where they had their humble beginnings. These 10 businesses – many with an emphasis on sustainability and conservation – operate right in our own backyard with quality products created in New Hampshire.

Stonyfield Yogurt

Founded by Samuel Kaymen and Gary Hirshberg on a small NH farm in 1983, Stonyfield is dedicated to supporting organic family farms. The company does all they can to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the earth with cups from plants, renewable energy produced on site, shipping via train and more.




Invented in Bedford by Dean Kamen, these super-cool, but expensive creations got a recent boost when they went handle-less. They are an excellent source of green transportation with police, college campuses, historical tours and security personnel utilizing them all over the world.



Velcro, USA

George de Mestral got the idea for the innovative hook and loop fastener we know and love while hiking in the Swiss Alps with his dog. De Mestral was fascinated by the spiny cockleburs that stuck to his clothes and the dog’s fur. He moved his company to Manchester, NH in 1955 and proceeded to corner the market.



The Old Farmer’s Almanac

The oldest continuously published periodical in North America, the Old Farmer’s Almanac may seem antiquated, but millions still rely on its weather tips and more. Starting in 1792, long before Google, the Almanac offered farmers sunrise and planting charts, provided recipes for home cooks, supplied accurate tide tables for sailors and fishermen, predicted the weather, offered gardening tips and much more.

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Globe Fire Suits

Although the average consumer will never have a need for their products, Globe Fire Suits are an indispensable part of our culture. These waterproof, flame retardant coveralls have been made in Pittsfield since 1901. They keep the firefighters who risk their lives for us, safe.

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Badger Balm

Created in 1993 by Gilsum, NH contractor, Bill Whyte, Badger Balm is the perfect cure for hardworking hands. Organically created from olive oil and beeswax, this patented potion helps heal and protect skin from the painful dryness and cracking of working outdoors in the New England winter.



The Mountain T-Shirts

The famous “3 wolf t-shirt” was created right in New Hampshire by “America’s greenest t-shirt company.” They are also responsible for the wildly popular and realistic “Big face” tees.



Timberland Boots

THE must-have work boot was created in Stratham, NH, but Timberland has become so much more than that. Known for creating comfortable, high quality shoes and clothing that appeal to the American worker as well as the urban youth, Timberland has become an American tradition.


Ruger Firearms

Founded in Connecticut in 1949, Ruger now has a major facility in Newport, NH. The Ruger Standard .22 is one of the most popular guns in the United States.



Hampshire Pewter

This classic company based out of Wolfeboro, is the only manufacturer in North America that still hand-casts all of its pewter products. Although the market for such items is small, the quality is impeccable. They specialize in gorgeous, collectible Christmas ornaments and even create special ornaments for the White House’s Christmas displays.

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