10 Foods Vermont Does Better Than Anyone Else

Vermonters pride themselves on their refined palates, and with good reason. The locally grown, organically raised farm-to-table foods produced by the Green Mountain State are some of the freshest, most honest ingredients in the US, if not the world.

These 10 delicacies are not unique to Vermont, but you’d be hard pressed to find tastier versions anywhere else!

Sugar On Snow

This simple treat is probably completely foreign to non-New Englanders. It’s simple. You take a bowl of fresh-fallen, fluffy snow and drizzle it with warm Vermont maple syrup for an awesome winter snack!




I know, I know, you can get cheese anywhere and Wisconsin supposedly has the US market cornered, but when it comes to freshness, you can’t top Vermont’s dairy products! The state is known for having some of the most healthy and happy dairy cows living on progressive, humane farms. The cheese is the standout due to shear variety and craft, but the chocolate and ice cream produced in the state are pretty darn good, too!

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Fiddlehead Ferns

These spiraled electric green oddities pop up all over the state in springtime and the devoted localvore chefs are sure to work them in to their finest farm-to-table dishes.


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

More fresh seasonal goodies make strawberry rhubarb pie from Vermont heads above the rest. Both lush fruits grow fat and happy in the state.

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Maple Creemee

Nothing signifies summer in Vermont like the iconic maple creemee! Soft-serve ice cream made from fresh, local maple. Get it topped with maple sugar candy for a boost of flavor. Perfection.


Bison Burger

Buffalo is “America’s original red meat” and leaner than beef. Several private ranches have popped up across the state selling grass-fed bison meat to local shops and restaurants. It’s a richer, healthier option.


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Organically Raised Lamb

Vermont-raised lamb is considered among the finest due to the free-range, grass-fed way the animals are cared for.



Apple Cider

To have the best cider, you must first have the best apples. Vermont grows some of New England’s finest and businesses like Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury uses an old-fashioned “rack and cloth” press to turn them into amazing cider.



Locally Sourced Delicacies

Localvore restaurants are huge in Vermont due to the farm-to-table style and importance of sustainability. Favorite locally sourced delicacies include truffles, foie gras, elk,heirloom vegetables, and of course, free-range eggs.



Maple Anything & Everything!

Sure, there are maple trees outside of Vermont and I’m sure some of them produce some fine sap, but no one can create delicious maple syrup, cream, candies and donuts like a Vermonter!

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