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Boston Strong Statement

Chowdaheadz & Charitable Contributions

For over 10 years, Chowdaheadz has been making products to celebrate our love for Boston. We are committed to our community and to the amazing customers we serve.

In 2013, we donated approximately 20-25% of our profits to various charitable organizations. In addition to these donations, we offered t-shirts & other merchandise for our cost or for no charge to select 3rd party fundraising efforts. Our largest donation was a check cut for over $30,000 to the One Fund after the Marathon tragedy. In addition, we've donated to the Wounded Warrior Project; consulted for a victim of the marathon bombing; donated to local school teachers asking for t-shirts for less than fortunate students; sponsored youth sports teams locally; donated to a group that sends care packages overseas to soldiers in battle and we've donated in many other ways to our community. Our charitable work does not typically come with a press release or announcement of any sort; we prefer to do it for the people who need it and not for ourselves. When you purchase from our website, know that we continue to use a portion of our profits for various charitable related causes on an ongoing basis.

2014 is going to bring a very special Marathon to Boston; it will bring out the resilience, determination, and kindness in many of us. We've already received over 100 donation requests for various event sponsorship's and runner support. It is great that there is a huge outpouring of charitable efforts and we appreciate those that are working hard to raise money and awareness for various causes. We would love to help everyone who contacts us but that isn't possible. It would also be very difficult for us to pick and choose which customers and causes we can support; therefore as a policy, we cannot respond to any unsolicited inquiries. It hurts our hearts to have to say no but due to our limited resources, staff, and time, we have to implement our own fundraising efforts internally. We are working on our 2014 charitable campaigns which will include donations based on the sale of any Boston Strong and other Marathon related merchandise. We will also make donations to other charitable causes close to our hearts.

Publicity Statement From April 2013

Re: Press statement from 2013. When we announced that we were selling "Boston Strong" items we filed a notice of intent to use these words with the USPTO to protect ourselves from someone else filing and pursing a claim against us for it down the road; something that happens often in business. The notice that we sent is not an actual approved trademark filing, that takes years to achieve. The notice was simply a declaration of intent to use the phrase in commerce. There was a filing submitted before ours and their public statement was "I just want to make a quick buck". We strongly feel that the "Boston Strong" theme is for the people of Boston and the victims of the tragedy.

2014 Update- The USPTO has declared Boston Strong a "movement" type of slogan leaving it within the public domain. This is the right call and we strongly support this decision.

Our Facebook page can be found here if you would like to communicate: Click For Our Facebook Page