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Our Price: $17.99
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Welcome Boston Diehards To The Place With The Best Boston Gear Around

Are you a member of Red Sox Nation? A diehard New England Patriots follower? A Boston Bruins Nut? A Boston Celtics fanatic? Then you are in the right place fellow Chowdahead. Be sure to check our most popular sections: Boston T-shirts, Boston Sweatshirts, Novelty items, Red Sox Gear, Patriots Merchandise, Bruins Gear, Celtics Merchandise and our unique Red Socks. Don't miss our daily blog that covers on your favorite Sports teams, Boston news, hot deals and other fun stuff. We have the largest selection of Boston gifts & Boston Souvenirs around!

Have A Wicked Pissah Day
We know what it means to be Wicked Pissah! We are all from Boston and still live in the area. We know what it means say "Wicked Pissah" or tell people that we are "Wicked Smahht". We have dedicated our lives to to making unique Boston t-shirts, sweatshirts, novelty items, & more. If you're gearing up to see the Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins, Celtics, or making a statement about Boston we have the perfect items for our fellow Chowdaheadz out there. As always we hope your day is "Wicked Pissah"

Who is Charlie Chowdahead?
Charlie Chowdahead ™ is our company mascot and the friendly face of Chowdaheadz. As you can see from his pictures around our website and Social Media pages, he is a cartoon Clam with human features. Charlie signifies everything about New England; He is funny, sarcastic, loves to dance, is afraid of seagulls, but loves the beach. Love him all you want, but just don't eat him! Charlie is also the focus of a book about Boston that we recently published. In addition to Charlie appearing in books and on apparel designs, he has also come to life as a plush toy and ceramic desktop buddy.

Boston T-Shirts & Boston Sweatshirts
We have the largest selection of Boston T-Shirts anywhere! If you love sporting a sweet t-shirt including Red Sox T-Shirts, Patriots T-Shirts, Bruins T-Shirts, Celtics T-Shirts, Boston Strong T-Shirts & general Boston Tees than you have come to the right place. We also have a great selection of Boston Sweatshirts including Boston Hoodies and more! Plus, most of our t-shirt designs are also available on hooded sweatshirts, so check what options are available under "shirt type" when you go to order your shirt.

Get Social With Chowdaheadz
We are Boston's Number 1 Spot For Diehard Fans...So our Social Media pages are the best places for you to connect with other Boston Diehards around the World! We also have tons of hot deals and fun stuff! We are the best source for Beantown sports news because our pages are run by the biggest fans in the Boston area. Like us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter, Read Our Daily Blog, And Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  We have hilarious Videos, awesome Fan Photos and tons of contests where we give away Free Chowdaheadz T-Shirts and other fan gear!

It's Chowdaheadz With a Z!
Of course we know that our company name is spelled a little funny! Many confused people say Chowdaheads or Chowderheads and call us asking if we sell clam chowda. We love our company name and the way it is spelled. A true New Englander understands it and doesn't have to ask what "Wicked Pissah" means. We love all our fellow Chowdaheadz and love gearing you up with wicked pissah t-shirts and other great items that keep you true to your roots!