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I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt

I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-ShirtI Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-ShirtI Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-ShirtI Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-ShirtI Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt
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I Might Live In (FILL IN) But I Keep My Sox In Boston T-Shirt

There are Boston Baseball fans everywhere; arguably more places than any other fan base! Now if your physical self is elsewhere, you can let people know where you keep your sox at all times, Boston! This tee is in stock & ready to ship, adding the customization does not slow your order down.

This shirt is completely customizable to any country, state, city or town that you live in. Wear this design anywhere and it’s pretty much guaranteed to start a conversation and possibly make some new friends (or enemies) no matter where you go!

Please enter EXACTLY as you want it to appear.,Ex- If you want your shirt to say ‘CALIFORNIA’ please write out ‘CALIFORNIA’ in full. All orders for this tee and hoodie are printed with capital letters.

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Type your location into the box labeled "Choose Your State" when you order - it can be your State, your City or your Country. We've shipped this tee to members of the Nation around the Country and around the globe! We've even had orders from people in Tokyo and The Netherlands. This is one of the most fun and unique t-shirts that we make. Get yours today or order one for a Sox fan far away!
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Our Price: $10.00
Product Reviews
5 Stars I dig this shirt. Its a high quality shirt with a witty slogan. Whats not to like? Ben Hershey, PA 03/29/2011 5 Stars Love this shirt! It lets me share my state pride as well as my Sox pride. Susan Tucson, Az 01/10/2011 5 Stars This Tshirt is perfect way to represent Red Sox Nation here in the Carolinas. Love it! maryp Charlotte, NC 01/10/2011 5 Stars Love love love this shirt! I grew up about an hour south of Boston and now live in Ohio. This shirt is perfect to wear around here. I have told my other family members about it and they are getting it for their states now! Alyssa Medina, OH 01/11/2011 5 Stars This will turn heads! Love it... Anonymous empty 01/12/2011 5 Stars I bought this as a Christmas gift for my daughter who is a huge Red Sox fan like I am! This is nicely made shirt the fit is perfect and it washes up very well. I appreciate the customer service that they did getting it to me by the holiday. I ordered it late and thought it might not arrive. Chowdaheads are great and I will definitely order again! DisneyDiva Orlando, FL 01/15/2011 5 Stars I love this shirt! It is a perfect way to show off your love for the Sox in your current location :-) Kelley Greeley, CO 01/25/2011 4 Stars I was originally disappointed when I saw that the shirt had what looked like and iron-on transfer. After sending my concerns to the staff of Chowdaheadz and was reassured that th shirt would do well I thought Id give it a try anyway. Well I am still pleasantly surprised that the shirt washes and wears well still!! Thanx Chowdaheadz for a quality product...again!! I should have never doubted you!!

Chowdaheadz Note- Because this shirt has an area of customization we have to use a special production method to make each shirt on demand. It is actually a great material that we use and will hold up forever. We guarantee you will love the shirt! John Norfolk, VA 01/28/2011 3 Stars I love showing my Red Sox spirit in the Tampa Bay area. I got a Junior medium which is fitted but it is a little snug. May try the Womens small next time. Tanya Tampa, FL 02/05/2011 5 Stars We moved to Ohio 11 years ago but are huge Red Sox fans. I think this shirt is great for us fans who have moved out of state!! Debbie Medina, Ohio 02/07/2011 5 Stars This shirt is awesome!! When I first saw it I thought it was actaully written Your State in red lettering. When I clicked to buy I learned I could spell out the actual state. I bought it for a friend of mine who es expecting their first child. I expect he will be brought up as a Sox fan even though he will be leaving in Colorado. This is a shirt for any Red Sox fan who does not live in Boston or New England.!! Tyler VT 03/07/2011 5 Stars One of the best Red Sox shirts Ive gotten. Ive many a PA Sox fan jealous. Matt Reading, PA 03/07/2011 5 Stars My dad LOVES the I might live in Florida shirt wearing it at all the events in his retirement community. This shirt is a must for all Red Sox Nation expatriates. Evan S. Salt Lake City, UT 03/15/2011 5 Stars I love it! Its pretty much sums me up in a shirt. Anonymous FL 05/11/2011 5 Stars Great shirt - bought two - for my nephew and his son in Texas He loved them! Helen Ct 04/02/2011 5 Stars I love it and the reaction from anyone seeing it is great. I live in New Jersey among Yankee Mets and Philly fans so this is perfect. Any Red Sox fan would love to get it as a gift. Ann Woodbridge, NJ 04/05/2011 5 Stars This shirt is AWESOME!! For the state I had PODUNK HE written because well I am currently in Podunk. I love the shirt I love my Sox I love Mass and I LOVE CHOWDAHEADZ. Nicole Da Cape but in AZ 04/06/2011 5 Stars This shirt is great! I travel a lot for work so I have 4 of these for the different states I live in. The ladies fit is perfect for a larger chested woman who doesnt want a boxy mens style just to fit well. Heather Lemoore, CA 05/13/2011 5 Stars Its rough stuff living in the heart of Yankee country but this shirt is perfect for wearing around town. Its subtle enough that you dont cause a scene but the people that take the time to read it almost always comment me. Everyone loves this shirt - even my other half who sports pinstripes.

Get this shirt! Let everyone know where you keep your sox! Hillary Brooklyn, NY 04/13/2011 5 Stars Sent this shirt to Alaska. My son loves it. Anonymous WI 04/23/2011 5 Stars My daughter and I proudly wear our NJ Sox shirts. Its tough living in the heart of Yankee country so we do everything we can to show our Sox Spirit!! These shirts are great!!!!! Mary-Jo Madison, NJ 04/24/2011 5 Stars The site was extreamlly easy to use when buying SOX gear for my brother and niece in IN. The product arrived faster than I had expected and was exactly what I was expecting. MPSOLDIER Afghanistan 04/25/2011 5 Stars Wore it for my sons birthday party in Maryland. Family and friends loved it! Even my lost brother who is a Yankees fan! Paul Bel Air, MD 04/26/2011 5 Stars I love this shirt. It really gets looks (and smiles). I also love the way the Ladies shirt is cut. I was able to get a large enough size for my chest without having a shirt that hangs down to my knees like a mans large size would.

I already have recommended this item to a friend! Thanks. Marian NJ 04/27/2011 5 Stars empty Anonymous empty 04/29/2011 5 Stars I bought 2 of these shirts one for myself in North Carolina and the other for my brother who lives in Denver. Further proof that Red Sox Nation is alive in well across the country! Anonymous Raleigh, NC 05/01/2011 5 Stars Awesome to wear this in California. My sister and I got matching ones (one in red one in blue). Perfect pairing! Anonymous Los Angeles, CA 05/09/2011 5 Stars I bought this for my daughter for her birthday to go with the Red Sox vs Yankees ticket that I also got her she loved them both! The website is very user friendly and the shirt was shipped immediately. I will certainly order from Chowdaheadz again. Doreen NB, Canada 06/02/2011 5 Stars My family bought this t-shirt for me for my Arizona member of RSN. I have been stopped several times by fellow Sox fans asking where I got it! Anonymous Scottsdale, AZ 06/07/2011 5 Stars I love my shirt as I live in Florida but would like the option to have print on the back as it is alot to read in passing and I find that most people dont want to look at my chest as (yes I am a woman) I pass them. Anonymous empty 06/09/2011 5 Stars We have lived in WA for 12 years and raised out daughters to be Boston sports fans. (They were 6 and 9 when we moved here from Boston.) I ordered this shirt for my 18 year old daughter and she could not wait to wear it to school! Great quality perfect fit - love the womens style worth the extra money. I will certainly order from you again. Jennifer Flory WA 06/11/2011 5 Stars I bought this T shirt for myself and since I did two other people asked me to order one for them. It is a really cool idea and an awesome shirt. I have relatives who moved from Massachusetts to Kansas and I am going to get them these t shirts also!!! Francie Pittsfield, MA 06/12/2011 5 Stars Being a Red sox fan in NY was difficult until 2004 and what has made it even easier is CHOWDAHEADZ...

Thank you for all of the witty and funny t-shirts I have bought over the past 5-6 years i wear them with pride and love the comments I get! Len Long Island, NY 06/13/2011 5 Stars GREAT Shirt! I got women asking me if I keep my Sox in Boston where do I keep my boots? Joe Gresham, OR 06/15/2011 5 Stars I Love this shirt! Ive got women asking me if my Sox are in Boston where do I keep my boots? Joe Gresham, OR 06/16/2011 5 Stars This is going to be my favorite t-shirt comfortable with a great statement for all. Pat Fl 06/27/2011 5 Stars sent it to my 92 year old grandfather in Fla. My aunt saw it and wanted me to send her one for her husband. So I guess the shirt was a hit! Ann pomfret, CT 06259 07/05/2011 5 Stars I love this T-shirt. I have had many people comment on how cool it is and I told them where they could get one just like it. I have relatives who moved to Kansas about 11 years ago and they still love the red sox so I am thinking of getting them these T-shirts for Christmas I know they would LOVE them!!! Francie Pittsfield, MA 07/05/2011 5 Stars I purchased two shirts with Chicago. One for hubby and one for daughter. THEY WERE A HUGE HIT! They are wearing them to the Boston game here in Chicago on Saturday July 30th. They have already received a multitude of compliments and they havent hit the streets yet! Love the Chowdheadz site. Thank you so very much. P.S. they arrived within a few days of ordering. Linder Chicago 07/29/2011 5 Stars I purchased the shirt with I might live in Chicago on it and it was a hit. I bought two one for my husband from Boston and one for my daughter. They loved them and will be wearing them to the Boston game here in Chicago on Saturday July 30th. They posted pics online and received numerous hoots and compliments. Also they arrived within days of ordering. Thank you. Linder Chicago 07/29/2011 5 Stars empty Anonymous empty 08/01/2011 5 Stars Moved to NYC a few years ago and go to as many soxyankee games as I can (in NY and Boston). Taking this to Fenway this wknd to show that I reL NY, NY 08/03/2011 5 Stars Love the shirt. Sox fans around here are always asking where I found the cool t-shirt. Steve Tulsa, OK 08/06/2011 5 Stars Love having this shirt down here in Florida around these Rays fans. Robin FL 08/17/2011 5 Stars This shirt is perfect for those of us that have had to leave Boston but still want to represent! Love it! Anonymous IL 08/22/2011 5 Stars Wicked Awesome like everything else you have. Robin Parrish, FL 08/23/2011 5 Stars Great shirt. Im asked where I got it and I tell them

And Ive been asked if you keep your socks in Boston where you putting your boots? Great ice breaker. 3 women have asked me that so far. Joe Gresham, OR 08/26/2011 5 Stars Love this shirt was approached by a fan at a coffee shop and asked where i got it. Coolest shirt ever besides my Jim Rice shirt. Amy WA 08/27/2011 5 Stars I bought this for my son a die-hard Sox fan who is stationed in England. While all the graphics show States I was pleased that I could put in England. When my son received the shirt in England he was surprised and extremely proud to wear it for all of his buddies to see. This made both of us very happy. John Fremont,OH 08/31/2011 5 Stars moved to Cali recently and miss the Sox. Ordered from Chowdaheadz around midnight on a Monday received my products that Thursday. Great products great price fast shipping. :) Anonymous CA 09/10/2011 5 Stars Recently moved to Georgia....LOVE my sweatshirt. Get stopped by Boston transplants all the time!! Cassppa Kennesaw, GA 09/13/2011 5 Stars I love this hoodie! Ive worn it a few times and you can see Missourians interested in reading something with their name on it only be puzzled and then probably agitated once theyve computed it. Luckily at that point Ive already passed them :-) Red Sox gear that really does appeal to the Red Sox Nation! Brittney STL 09/13/2011 5 Stars LOVE this shirt. I just moved to CA and every time I wear this shirt I get compliments from Sox fans and East-Coasters!

Note: the fitted shirts run small. Im usually an adult small and I had to return the first one and order a medium. Lauren Los Angeles, CA 09/14/2011 5 Stars BEST T-SHIRT EVER! Especially when you are in the south. Anonymous TN 09/14/2011 5 Stars outstanding design for a shirttop quality Rick wakefield ma 10/25/2011 5 Stars Great t shirt for out of town fans. My nephew in Arizona is getting this for xmas. Anonymous Weymouth, MA 10/31/2011 5 Stars Great way to show my Sox love and pride all the way out here in CA!! Allison Sacramento, CA 11/01/2011 5 Stars Love Love LOVE my Red Sox and what a great way to make it known all the way down here in Texas! Ruth Alvin, TX 11/30/2011 5 Stars Love Love LOVE my Red Sox and the fact that Im able to show my support all the way down here in Texas! Ruth Alvin, TX 11/30/2011 5 Stars Mom is going to love her new Sox shirt ! Tara Key West, FL 12/06/2011 5 Stars bought this shirt now that I live in Virginia. Wore it to Fenway this summer and had at least 5 people ask where I got it and I responded Chowdaheadz like duh how have you not heard of this website!! Anonymous VA 12/12/2011 5 Stars Excellent quality shirt - nice and thick. The printing is very clear. All around great! Anonymous CO 12/19/2011 5 Stars Christmas gift for my sister to represent her team while at college! Anonymous Boston, MA 12/20/2011 5 Stars Turned out really cool! Anonymous Omaha, NE 12/20/2011 5 Stars I ordered more than one of these and they were a huge hit. Also I cant believe how quickly they arrived. Pati Boston, MA 12/21/2011 5 Stars What transplant wouldnt proudly wear this shirt... recommended it to other Boston fans. Mama Millersville Pa 12/30/2011 5 Stars Arrived in a timely manner and was well received. Thank You Kevin Buffalo, SC 01/02/2012 5 Stars I love this shirt. I have purchased many for family and friends. It works well in my family because I have fans from Indiana Connecticut and Rhode Island. CP Feeding Hills, Ma 02/24/2012 5 Stars I got the sweatshirt last year and love wearing it especially here in Yankee country. There is always a reaction or comment. No one has been really mean or nasty. Wore it in Disney World in November - even there - it was fun. The Red Sox fans loved it and the Yankee fans had a totally different reaction. Best part is my whole family are Yankee fans.
Now I am buying the t-shirt for the summer and another sweatshirt -different color. I have not seen this anywhere else. If you love showing your pride in the Red Sox - this is the shirt to buy. Ann Woodbridge, NJ 03/20/2012 5 Stars Awesome Quality! Bought For A Friend Who Lives In CO! Anonymous MA 04/10/2012 5 Stars Super cute shirt! I left it as your state and didnt specify a state so it works no matter what state you are in! As a New England transplant I ( unfortunately!) am far from home this shirt lets me showcase my Bean Town pride!!!! Highly reccomend! Ciara K Tampa, FL 04/13/2012 5 Stars my customer loved it all your stuff is fantastic i recomend you to everyone! Joni Malden,ma 04/27/2012 5 Stars empty Anonymous empty 05/13/2012 5 Stars Awesome shirt. Sizing is great. Exceptionally nice soft cotton. Excellent company to deal with with great product. Anonymous NC 05/19/2012 5 Stars First the sweat shirt is well made and the coloring excellent. The lettering says on the shirt. I have been a loyal Red Sox fan since the day I was born January 11948. I was born in the same hospital-Richardson House and the same day as Ted Williams daughter.

Moving to New Jersey in 1978 I still am a fan an this Jersey gives me the opportunity to put it in New Jersey Faces since I live minutes from the Jersey Shore TV location.

Thank you for the great shirt.

Lets go Red Sox!

John Angell
520 Hillside Avenue
Pine Beach
New Jersey 08741
732-286-1748 John Pine Beach,New Jersey 05/23/2012 5 Stars AWESOME! Just moved from MA to CT and everyone loved this shirt when I rocked it on moving day! LOVE IT! Lauren CT 05/23/2012 5 Stars As a Sox fan a long ways from home its great to be able to get custom shirts in a timely manner. Great shirt very fast delivery great service. Roman Columbia, SC 05/26/2012 5 Stars Had the city put on the shirt--state was too generic. Turns out it draws compliments from all sorts of closeted Sox fans none of them transplants like me! And it pissed off a Yankees fan--what more could I ask? John Fort Wayne, IN 05/28/2012 5 Stars Excellent shirt. Good quality material and printing. Well worth the price and shipping is super quick. Tiffany Richmond, VA 06/23/2012 5 Stars Ive gotten so many good comments ont this shirt - youd think i had boobs !
Size was perfect has been through the wash 3x with no deterioration.
Chowdaheadz ROCKS ! Leo Smithfield, ME 07/08/2012 5 Stars Love this shirt. I live in Yankee country so it gets a lot of attention. Fits great although I did order a size larger than I might normally get. Washed well no shrinking in a dryer on LOW. Anonymous NJ 08/16/2012 5 Stars Bought this shirt for my gfs 50th birthday. She lives in CA but loves the Sox! She is going to love this shirt! Maria MA 09/14/2012 5 Stars Bought this for my husband and he looves it! Leann Tx 09/23/2012 5 Stars Always great service and products! Anonymous Beaver Falls,PA 09/25/2012 5 Stars Got this for my son for Christmas - he is living in Georgia for another year but is a die-hard Sox (and Pats) fan - hell love it! I am a long-time fan of Chowdaheadz and have been happy with everything I buy there - several people have asked where I found different Red Sox shirts. Dorene Epsom NH 10/04/2012 5 Stars I from Boston and moved to Boston I absolutely love this sweatshirt ! It is made very nicely does not look cheap at all very good quality! Anonymous Raleigh nc 10/10/2012 5 Stars Got this shirt for my sister in Floida she loves it Thanks Anonymous ma 10/14/2012 5 Stars This is the greatest shirt ever! Bought it for my brother in Kansas! Hes going to love wearing it and represent Red Sox Nation when the Sox go and play the Royals! Keep up the great work. Merci Phoenix AZ 12/17/2012 5 Stars Got this for my husband as a Christmas gift. He loved it!! The blue is a great color Brandi St. Louis Missouri 12/26/2012 5 Stars This shirt was great quality and perfect fit! I was also very impressed by how fast I received it! I will definitely purchase from you guys again! Heather Lakeside, CA 01/07/2013 5 Stars I got this for my fiance a while ago and he loves it wears it during games. Glad I found this site easy place to find presents for him. Krystel Belle Fourche, sd 01/21/2013 5 Stars I got my city instead of my state on the shirt because another review suggested it and I liked the idea. I love this shirt so much. The printing is high quality and the t-shirt is great - not too thick not to thin and fits very true to size. Jenny G Ogden, UT 02/13/2013 5 Stars I always rely on Chowdaheadz for my Boston
sports items! I bought this shirt for a friend who
lives far from Boston and she loved it. The quality
of the t-shirt was great the delivery was prompt
and the customer service rep as always was
was friendly and a pleasure to talk with and
place my order with. This company is the best! Thanks Candy Anonymous empty 02/26/2013 5 Stars This shirt is wicked awesome! Have had a ton of compliments . Thank you for an excellent online store! Will most definitely buy more items. Heather Dunlap Tn 04/02/2013 5 Stars I really like the tshirt alot but I think they ran small so I gave them to friends and got bigger ones. Terri Florida 04/28/2013 5 Stars Great shirt...have ordered several T shirts from you and have never been disappointed
Anonymous Calgary, AB 04/30/2013 5 Stars I like the idea of this shirt - ordered it for the clever saying. However I thought the Tshirt itself was only so-so quality and the lettering was poor quality. It seems like it will have to be dried inside out or the words will be fading cracking off within a couple of months. The lettering doesnt seem very thick so you can sort of see the navy shirt behind the letters. CN Brown Myrtle beach SC 06/20/2013 5 Stars Bought this for my grandson in NC - its a hit!! Everyone down there loves it!!! Joanne Medford, MA 06/27/2013 5 Stars Love the shirt and 8 different people stopped me in a mall today to ask where I got it. Of course I told them about the Chowdaheadz. In addition to great products you get the BEST customer service!!!! Beth NC 06/29/2013 5 Stars I love the shirt and 8 different people stopped me in the mall today to ask where I got it. Of course I told the about the Chowdaheadz. In addition to great products you get the BEST customer service. Beth NC 06/29/2013 5 Stars Loved the shirt as did my daughter. Will definitely buy from Chowdaheads again. Cheryl Hardwick, VT 07/27/2013 4 Stars Love the shirts however I wish they all came in choices of all 4 colirs.A Linda Clark or 07/28/2013 5 Stars I grew up 60 miles from boston my kids grew up in rhode island now my grandkids are in west Virginia and in new jersey My grandson is getting the t-shirt he may live in new jersey but he keeps his sox in boston he knows if he ever supports that new York team he will be disowned by his grandma and he is only 5 I wear my shirt in sc and love it always support boston where ever I may live thanks for the memories grandma greer, sc 07/29/2013 5 Stars My husband and I attended the exciting Red SoxRockies game last night in Denver.......I was wearing my new I Might Live in Colorado But I Keep My Sox in Boston shirt; he was wearing my other purchase HELP! I Married a Boston Fan shirt.
We both agreed that neither of us had ever worn any printed T anywhere at any time that received the attention and compliments that those shirts did!
Even Rockies fans were stopping us and asking Where did you get those great shirts!? (Of course the Boston fans were asking Where did you get those wicked awesome shirts?!
One woman sitting close to us during the game wrote your website address down and others knew the site but had never shopped it before. They will now!
Thanks ARE wicked pissah! Anonymous Nederland CO 09/26/2013 4 Stars I LOVE my new tee! I lived in Boston for only two years and fell in love with the Red Sox! Now Im a fan for life! Chowdaheadz offers a wide variety of products and reasonable prices - but the shirts DO run small! Buy a size (or two) larger than normal! Stacey Des Moines, IA 10/14/2013 5 Stars I bought this shirt for my dad before we headed to Tampa for the ALDS (my dad lives in Florida) and he loved it. Wicked ahhhsome! John Evansville, IN 10/21/2013 5 Stars empty Sandy Myrtle Beach 10/23/2013 5 Stars Love the tee what an attention getter! I actually saw it on someone at a festival and that is how I found out about your site. Wicked awesome idea! Go Red Sox! Sandy Myrtle Beach, SC 10/23/2013 5 Stars Love this sweatshirt. Looks great and is very comfortable. A great way to show pride for the team I love. Never disappointed by Chowdahead. Shipping was very fast. Thank you Chowdadead Platehead907 AK 10/24/2013 5 Stars I ordered this shirt on a Saturday and my daughter in Texas received it the following Saturday in time for the big game!!!!!!!!!!! Dar ME 10/25/2013 5 Stars I was born in Lowell and have been a Red Sox fan forever...I recently purchased the I might live in Nebraska but I keep my socks in Boston shirt.....I live wearing it on Saturdays when the Nebraska Cornhuskers play football and cam in handy when my beloved Red Sox played the same day !!!!! Love Love Love Chowdaheadz !!!!!
Dorothy Omaha Nebraska 10/25/2013 5 Stars My wife and I are originally from Weymouth but have lived in Connecticut for the past 10 years. Although we love where we live we are surrounded by Yankees fans. This shirt lets our Yankees-loving neighbors and friends know that although we may live in Connecticut our Sox (and hearts) still reside in Boston. Thanks Chowdaheadz for a great product hassle-free ordering and quick shipping. I will certainly be back for more - especially a World Series champions tee so I can mock all of our nearby Yankees fanboys. Warren Torrington, CT 10/30/2013 5 Stars I ordered one for my best friend in Florida. Her Halloween costume was a Red Sox fan comlpete with beard and a new shirt. Every wanted to know where she got the shirt? Way to hit it out of the ball park again!!! Candy Stafford ct. 11/06/2013 5 Stars Red Sox Nation lives out West in New Mexico. Its not unusal for other Sox fans to stop me and read my chest (in a good way). Its great to be able to spread the Sox love here with such a cool shirt. Anything I get from Chowdaheadz is well made and very unique. Love it! Jacky NM 11/11/2013 5 Stars Bought one for Christmas for my son. Hell love it! Glad I found Chowdaheadz. Love their tshirt designs. Anonymous Des Moines,IA 11/11/2013 5 Stars I ordered this shirt because I go to school in Chicago and love it!!! Its absolutely great and turned out so well! Hannah Chicago, Il 11/15/2013 5 Stars Red Sox Nation is alive and Well in So Cal! Bought this shirt for my husband for Christmas. I was amazed at how wicked awesome it was and how California fit nicely across the shirt...kudos to Chowdaheadz for doing a great job...Happy Holidays...go sox! Donna CA 12/11/2013 5 Stars The shirt is awesome! I belong to the largest Red Sox nation which has over 1600 members. Carolyn The Villages,Fl 12/18/2013 5 Stars I bought this for my daughter for Christmas. I know she will love it as she saw one a few months ago at the airport in Chicago Anon MA 12/23/2013 5 Stars My grandson is hugh and takes a 3x t-shirt. He is also a diehard boston redsox fan so when I saw this shirt I just had to have it for my grandson. Thank you very much. Catherine Bellevue NE 12/23/2013 5 Stars The customer service is Wicked awesome. I did not get the size right on the original order. I emailed them to correct my mistake and they called my cell to confirm what I needed.Within 2 days at my door I was shocked. Local business local teams and great products. If you want or need shits or hats or anything to do with Boston teams you need go no further. You have a loyal die hard fan who looks foward to ordering agian.
Rob Wilmington MA 12/24/2013 5 Stars My son loves his shirt! California looks awesome across the front ;) The Mom Visalia, CA 12/28/2013 5 Stars got this for my dad we are both long time sawx fans...great to have living in N.J. john new jersey 12/28/2013 5 Stars All I can say is this shirt is WICKED AWESOME! I was looking for something unique for probably the biggest SOX fan ever who probably has anything and everything related to the Red Sox. This shirt was perfect. I put the city instead of the state. It came out so cool and nothing like he has. Not only unique but something he will actually wear. Thank you!!!! :) Shannon New Cumberland, Pa 12/29/2013 5 Stars My dad and sister both live in Florida. They are Sox fans all the way but they both live minutes outside of Tampa. Since sending these shirts for xmas...people in their parks have been asking for the website.they love the shirts.Shipping time was awesome. Thank You Ron Bedford, NH 01/01/2014 5 Stars I bought the sweatshirt for my Diehard Red Sox Nation Mother in Maine who hasnt missed a game via TVradio since 1980.
She abousolutly LOVES LOVES LOVES it !!!
BUT the moment I ordered the shirt I realized it is not worded to its full potential.
I lost a nights sleep over this it just bugged me.
It needs to say ;
But my mom loved it so much and the shipping was amazing Im still giving you 5 Stars Stephen Nantucket MA 01/06/2014 5 Stars Love the personalized shirt. My daughter is a die hard Sox fan!!!!!! No matter where the military may take her........she will proudly support her boys! mama medway ma 01/07/2014 5 Stars This shirt is wicked awesome. My nephew lives in Florida and comes up every summer. We take him yearly to a Sox game as he is a big fan. His parents are Yankees (boo) and Cubs fans. I loved sending him this shirt. Great shirt to be able to customize and show his Sox pride out of Mass. Cheryl Winooski VT 01/15/2014 5 Stars ITs wicked fucking pissah! Bob Bay Shore 02/10/2014 5 Stars I love this shirt. The website was super easy to use the order shipped quickly and the shirt looks PHREAKING AMAZING. I will order from Chowdaheads again for sure. The have so many options it blows my mind. Anonymous TX 02/12/2014 5 Stars I bought this shirt for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves it. The shirt fits true to size and the customized location is great. Everyone loves this shirt when they see it. Jamie TN 02/18/2014 5 Stars Best shopping experience ever. My item came just as ordered and quickly too. These items make great gifts for all of our relatives here on the west coast. We love showing off our Boston pride! Doreen CA 02/20/2014 5 Stars I moved to AZ two years ago from MA but I will forever be a Sox fan! When I saw this shirt I just had to have one. Im gonna wear it hiking in AZ and post the pics on facebook so all my friends and family can see that part of me is still in Boston!! Wootwoot. P.S. I got the Life is wicked pissa bumper sticker too!! Love it! Patti AZ 02/28/2014 5 Stars Transplant exiled to Virginia for the last few decades I know have the perfect shirt to explain why Im not supporting the Nationals or Orioles. Go Sox! Mary Fredericksburg, VA 03/03/2014 5 Stars I love my shirt as do many people who see it in Arizona I purchased the shirt not only because I am a die Hart red Sox fan but because my pastor is cardinal fan and I like teasing him about the Sox winning the world series. So I wear it down to the church when I go down for meetings and to count money. I also wear the world series champion shirt. One day he was wearing his cardinal shirt and that. Rodney aurich surprise, Arizona 03/06/2014 5 Stars I have this for NY but Im thinking I want to get it now for Staten Island. Moving there in the summer so I have to let the locals know I aint rooting for any NY teams. You guys are the best!!!! Quality shirts. Cindy NY 03/12/2014 5 Stars I loved it!! Seems like good quality. I will always be Bostonian Red Sox fan!! Anonymous empty 03/19/2014 5 Stars Great shirt! Saw it and had to have it! Wish you had one that said Red Sox fan living in enemy territory as I live in NY and LOVE the Sox!! Emily Freeville, NY 03/28/2014 5 Stars Love this! Already got compliments. Since I am always asked if I am a Cubs or Sox fan here in Chicagoland and have to qualify my answer with RED SOX fan this shirt is perfect!! Dianne Aurora, IL 03/31/2014 5 Stars Awesome shirt. Get to show off my Sox in Hawaii! My Wife loves it so know I have to buy her one too.
Bryan Maki Ewa Beach, Hawaii 04/02/2014 5 Stars Our son moved to california is a big sox fan and loves to llet everyone know it quality isgreat and delivery was fast
JOHN N BILLERICA MA 04/07/2014 5 Stars Ladies is true to size!!! LOVE IT!!! Anonymous NC 04/07/2014 5 Stars The cotton used is high quality. its soft and thicker than the usual cheap scratchy cotton normally sold. The sizing was perfect. Anonymous San Diego CA 04/09/2014 5 Stars Not only do I LOVE the shirt I am VERY impressed with the speed of delivery!! I most certainly would recommend this site to anyone looking for great service and merchandise!! Diane Conyers, GA 04/11/2014 5 Stars I moved 5 years ago from the greater Boston area down here to CT right in the heart of Yankees country. I proudly wear any Red Sox shirt out in public. I just love this one and may have to order another soon because Im wearing this one all the time. I cant get it out of the laundry fast enough to put it back on! Barbara Stamford, CT 04/20/2014 5 Stars This is such a great shirt! People were stopping my husband to comment on how much they liked it. Someone even came up to
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