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Take Me Out To The Ball Pahk Candle


Take Me Out to The Ball Pahk Candle
Caramel Corn Scent

There's nothing like a day at the Ballpahk. The smell of sweet & salty caramel corn will fill your home with all your favorite memories of rooting for the home team!

At Chowdaheadz a lot of us grew up going to the ballpahk on the weekends, begging our parents for a box of caramel corn. There is something about that buttery sweet smell in the air that makes us smile. The scents of this candle will help you remember all those fond memories no matter where you are! If you love Boston and know what we are talking about, you need this candle. Also makes a great gift!

100% Soy, hand poured, triple scented, 10 oz. of homegrown love in a cool mason jar! At Chowdaheadz we are actually hand pouring these candles. That is right, a bunch of Boston townies making these with a ton of heart & a ton of love just for you! Our Candles Are Made 100% In The USA

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