Only for the smaahtest out there! Gear up and join the University.  Class is now in Session!

There's no two ways about it. You've got some wicked smaahts that deserve recognition. As always, ChowdaHeadz has everything you need to showcase your wicked smaahts through stylish apparel and awesome knick-knacks.

Wicked Smaaht Clothing and Gear

College kids can never have enough comfortable casual clothing. Stay comfortable while you fill that wicked smaaht brain of yours with hoodies, T-shirts and baseball caps. Each one sports the all-important phrase with plenty of emphasis on enjoying college life. That's right, we've got tailgate T-shirts and hoodies in this collection for occasions when you need to wind down and relax with your friends. On that note, we also have pint glasses for when you and your buddies are feeling extra classy.

It's important to start kids off on the right path, which is why we've got our Wicked Smaaht College One Piece, our Wicked Smaaht Infant Bib and our Wicked Smaaht Kids Hat to help you out.

Knick-Knacks and Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holiday season approaching faster than you think, our Wicked Smaaht collection is here to supply cheeky holiday gifts for the whole family. Fill the house with the smell of higher learning with our Wicked Smaaht Candle. It features the fresh scent of ivy, musk and the woods. It doesn't get much fresher than that. If you have some extra space on the tree, our Wicked Smaaht Ornament in zinc-alloy should do the trick. Its soft finish and glossy red ribbon will look breath-taking on your tree. Finally, you can't go wrong with stickers and magnets when there are stockings to be stuffed.

If the knick-knacks don't appeal, don't worry we've got one last wicked smaaht idea that's going to capture your interest: our You Gotta Know Boston Sports Trivia Card Game. It has 125 cards with a whopping 500 hundred questions to test your knowledge about Boston's sports teams, the players and its rich history.