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America Pride Clothing and Accessories

Show some love for Team USA and stock up on quality patriotic gear that's all about those stars and stripes. ChowdaHeadz is the ultimate source for well-made, stylish USA clothing and accessories. Not only that, we also carry stickers and other knick-knacks that you can use to decorate your car, office and home. 

The first thing to know about anything you order from ChowdaHeadz is we're in the business of offering up solid quality items that will see you through every playoffs season. We have fun, unique products that will please everyone in your family. We've got infant one pieces with the motto “B Strong” because it's never too early to instill a little Boston pride. 

The second thing you should know about ChowdaHeadz is our deep love of all things New England. In our collection of stars and stripes products we have nods to Boston, New Hampshire and the entire state of Massachusetts in the form of T-shirts, hoodies and even stickers. 

Sticking to the red, white and blue color scheme, most of our patriotic gear is decked out in these colors. But to keeps things classy and not tacky, our designs are printed on heather gray fabrics and navy blue fabrics with the occasional camouflage thrown in for all of the hunters out there. Now, to keep things interesting we've got items like our Tailgate shirts with a built-in bottle opener, because every seasoned tailgater knows there's no such thing as too much beer. And, just in case one bottle opener isn't enough grab a pair of our stylish bottle opener sunglasses. 

For some people wearing their USA pride isn't enough, so we've got a fun array of USA themed trinkets and keepsakes. Check out our magnets, stars and stripes stickers, bottle opener sunglasses (if you're into fashion and function) and our hand poured 'Mericah Candle that smells of refreshing lemon iced tea, because nothing says sweet American summer like a glass of good ole ice tea.