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Remember your first tailgate party? Maybe you were still at teenager, and your family grilled burgers and hot dogs, all bundled up before Tom Brady threw four touchdowns to win another game for the Patriots. Maybe you were in college, and you and your buddies had a few beers and threw a football around. Wherever and whenever you like to cut loose outside with a few drinks, be sure to dress appropriately with tailgate tees from ChowdaHeadz.

If only there was a way to combine the comfort of an Americana-styled T-shirt with the beer lover's indispensable tool - the bottle opener. Well guess what, sports fans? Genius summer seekers just like yourself have designed a way to combine fabric and function with a bottle opener T-shirt, and you won't have to call the Maytag repair man to come fix your washing machine when you wash it. If a bottle cap T-shirt is more your thing than a bottle opener shirt, we've got that, too. Can you imagine a finer gift for Dad?

So they won't allow you to tailgate at Fenway Park? Well then it's time to pull out the Boston Bar Hoppah shirt for your trek through the bars on Brookline Avenue and Lansdowne Street. For those of you in Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, one of our Drink Local shirts might fit you better. Maybe the vintage Boston shamrock sign is more your style, or if you are the designated griller at your next barbecue, the grillin' and chillin' message is right for your tailgate T-shirt.

These shirts and all of our tailgate tees are comfortable and made with premium cotton that fits the body and holds up wash after wash. The muted colors of your favorite day's activities make tailgate T-shirts a great choice for ChowdaHeadz and sports fans everywhere.