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 On Sale From Chowdaheadz!

What could be better than cool stuff from Chowdaheadz to show off your love of all things New England? The same stuff on sale! It's like getting a free beer with your plate of lobster and fries.

We mark items on special from time to time because we know money is tight, and wicked smaaht Chowdaheadz such as you like to save when they can. These deals don't last long, though, so jump on them now. They could be gone tomorrow, and some items are marked more than 50 percent off.

The many things on special are pulled from our entire Chowdaheadz catalogue of goodies, including New England / Boston tee shirts and other great shirts, hats, shot glasses, gloves, stickers, earrings, lanyards, flags, mugs, golf sets, license plate holders, gift boxes, toothbrushes, pencils, lunch boxes, mugs, and pens.

We have what you need to get through the cold New England winters, like scarves, travel mugs, and hoodies, and items for our beautiful, warm summers, like flip-flops, towels and koozies to keep that beer cold. Accessories like a money clip will be great for the extra money you are going to keep. For babies we have bibs, pacifiers, and onesies. For drinking, we can set your dog up with a bowl, and you with a flask.

Chowdaheadz love the local culture, our lifestyle, our sports teams and the New England way of life. Celebrate them while saving money. You could find anything from t- shirts to stickers, candles & more on sale items in this collection. Hit it out of the pahk & save big!

You get our guarantee of customer satisfaction on everything you buy, and we have a full-time shipping department ready to serve you. So celebrate New England - from our winning professional sports teams to our Ivy League brains to our beautiful coast - with great deals for Chowdaheadz from Chowdaheadz.

Daily Deals Are Subject To Change Without Notice.  Grab them today while they last!