11 products

11 products

Your long search for the perfect Irish pride clothing that represents you and where you come from is now over! ChowdaHeadz is a paradise for Bostonians, Irish-Americans and anyone else who wants to gleam a little Irish luck for themselves. Our Irish pride gear includes Boston pride apparel, Celtics essentials, Irish holiday gifts, and one-of-a-kind accessories. Great to show your love during St. Paddy's day & beyond! 

Gear for Shamrock Lovers

From vintage shamrock T-shirts to our Townie Mesh Trucker Hats, ChowdaHeadz has Boston Irish gear that will appeal to the masses. Even the most difficult to please people in your life will crumble under the sheer passion of our awesome graphics and vibrant shades of green that are perfect for any Celtics game. Most of our designs come in either green, black or heather gray, but each and every one features a unique and creative design. 

Stickers and Other Wearable Goodies

When you're from Boston, Irish pride is an all year round kind of thing. Rain or shine, summer or winter, ChowdaHeadz has novelty keepsakes that will keep you going throughout the year. For the summer grab a pair of our Boston Skyline Bottle Opener sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes and the beers flowing. In the winter you'll be happy to slip on our Boston Knit Winter Hat in shamrock green, our Boston Green Striped Pom-Pom hat or our Shamrock Reversible Scarf. 

When you run out of clothes to wear we've have stickers, decals and even holiday ornaments you can use make your world just a little more green.