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Cold Weather Essentials

Before you know it, that New England winter will have you huddling under blankets and cranking the heat. Eventually you'll have to go outside, so stock up on stylish cold weather essentials to get you through the winter months.

Apparel and Gear

Think of it this way, with the snow and the cold comes the perfect chance to break out some wicked gear. Our New England and Boston knit hats will keep your noggin warm and looking sharp. We've even got knit hats featuring all of the colors and logos of local teams. When the season turns festive, grab a Santa hat.

Neck getting a little chilly? Grab a thick wooly scarf to declare your love for all things New England and keep out the bitter cold. Some of our scarves are reversible too, so you can just toss them on and go about your busy day.

Layering up is the only way to survive the cold, so pick out a hoodie (or two) from our selection. Each one is soft, warm and comfortable. They all have East Coast-themed designs and phrases that help you let everyone around you know exactly what you're about so you don't have to. Our unique designs include the Boston Irish Shamrocks, Fenway Park, Take a Hike and many more.

Finally, do yourself a favor and check out our novelty socks. Our New England Navy socks, our Boston Red socks and our Stars and Stripes USA socks are big hits for obvious reasons.

Blankets and Throws

Not all cold weather essentials are made to be worn. Sometimes all you need is a good, super plushy blanket to cuddle up in. ChowdaHeadz offers a selection of throws and blankets with colorful designs celebrating sports teams, Boston and just about anything else you can think of that makes New England special. If you've got a new addition to your family, snag a Little Monstah Infant Receiving blanket to celebrate the occasion in style!