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Cup 'A' Regulah Candle


Cup 'A' Regulah Candle
Coffee & Hazelnut Scents

Only true Bostonians know how to order a coffee and everyone else is nuts! May the scents of coffee and hazelnut remind you of your early morning Cup ‘a’ Regulah!

In Boston, a regular coffee means 'with cream and sugar' and we all know that. Go somewhere else, and who knows what you'll get. Some places, it's a black coffee other places it could mean the size. Since Boston invented America, it's safe to say that we are right and everyone else is as nuts as the hazelnut oils we added to this candle! If the smell off coffee gets you going, you'll love this candle.

100% Soy, hand poured, triple scented, 10 o.z. of homegrown love in a cool mason jar! At Chowdaheadz we are actually hand pouring these candles. That is right, a bunch of Boston townies makings these with a ton of heart & a ton of love just for you! Our Candles Are Made 100% In The USA

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