Coastal Collection Home Goods - ChowdaHeadz

Toss your anchor here for a while and check out some of the best gift items available for your favorite ocean-loving sailors and ChowdaHeadz.

New England is known for its history and its professional sports championships. But ask anyone who has tasted a lobster roll on fresh, soft bread, felt the salty air while taking a boat ride to Martha's Vineyard, or simply enjoyed walking one of the area's many sandy beaches. They'll tell you the sea and the seafood is one of New England's greatest attributes.

Celebrate this part of New England with coastal collection home goods or other items, including T-shirts, hats, candles, stickers and accessories. If you can't have lobster in your mouth or your fridge, at least you can wear it on your shirt. Reel in a few laughs by serving your seafood with a side of humor. Lobstah rolls has more than one meeting, right? Our lobsters also wear fetching Red Sox on their claws, and our sharks wear Red Sox on their tail for the amusement of local baseball fans. And was that huge hit movie so long ago Jaws? Or was it claws?

The scents of the Cape will follow you anywhere with one our candles in a jar. It's your own little lighthouse, perfect for the summahtime here or anywhere. There's even a set of three. The lobster claw bottle opener and the lobster stickers make great stocking stuffers. Keep the sun off your head with one of our many ChowdaHeadz-themed adjustable caps. The right shirt will show everyone you are hooked on New England.

If you can't be at the coast to experience the seaside villages and beautiful lighthouses, anchored-down-gifts are the next best thing. It's high tide now for gift-buying at ChowdaHeadz. Whatever you catch here is worth keeping. Anchors away!