I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz
I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz
I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz
I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz
I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz
I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt - Chowdaheadz

I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt

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I Love Apple Pickin' Fine Print T-Shirt

Statistics show that for every 2 people you see picking apples, 1 doesn't want to be there. That's 50% forced smiles on social media. #fallfun! There isn't a more insane activity than apple picking. If someone said to you, "Let's go to Stop & Shop today and buy like 30 apples!", you'd have them committed. But throw in a long drive, a jacked-up price tag, and free labor and it's the go-to fall "fun" for couples and families throughout New England. Hey, you agreed to go, but you don't hafta be happy about it. Let them wear their cute fall outfits, we've got you covered. Put on a happy face, grab this tee, and get it over with. Passive aggressiveness never looked so good!

Shirt's fine print that reads:

I LOVE relaxing on the weekends. But someone woke up today and was like, "Let's go apple picking!" So instead of fighting all day it's a lot easier to just say "fine" and drive an hour somewhere, pay to park, pay for a bag, walk through rows and rows of trees and crowds of people, pick like 30 apples, take multiple photos just to post on social media, go home, bake one pie and watch the rest rot on the counter. So here I am APPLE PICKIN'



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