You should like Steve Pearce on the Red Sox

You should like Steve Pearce on the Red Sox

I don't know about you, but I like the Steve Pearce move. It seems like just the kind of piece they needed to not only bolster their depth at first base behind Mitch Moreland, who is having an awesome year (to his credit), but also in the corner outfield positions. Those are places where Steve Pearce has played before and done well enough. 

Through 31 games this season split between two teams, he is hitting .293 with a .343 OBP and .868 OPS. He gives the Red Sox another competent right-handed bat too which they could use since they have been slacking against southpaws this season.

One also can't overlook his experience in the AL East. He has now played for every single team in the division, becoming just the sixth player ever to do so. Before him, Kelly Johnson was the last guy to achieve that feat. He also went down as a legend in Red Sox history.

Plus, you can't help but like a guy with some local connections. While Pearce himself is not from Massachusetts, he did grow up a Red Sox fan. His father, also named Steve, grew up in Rehoboth, Mass., so Steve the baseball player had to like the team. Oh, and the Red Sox drafted Steve the ballplayer in the 10th round of the 2004 MLB draft (but he did not sign).

So yeah, in Pearce the Red Sox have some more first base depth and a guy with an OPS above .800 since he turned 30 years old. He's an experienced player who knows the division well. That sounds like the kind of guy who could do pretty well in Boston. Alex Cora seems to like him which means you probably should too, assuming he is able to produce at a decent clip--which is likely to happen.

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