Yankees could hire John Farrell as their manager

While the Red Sox might have the greatest manager in team history (Alex Cora), their rivals could still use one.

The New York Yankees went ahead and fired Joe Girardi despite coming off a season where his team greatly exceeded expectations and was only one game away from a World Series appearance. Not bad for a year where the team was expected to go .500.

Anyways, this brings up a very interesting possibility: ex-Red Sox manager John Farrell could end up being the new Yankees manager. In fact, his chances honestly look alright.

Not saying it definitely will happen, but it’s a definite possibility. Think about it. Who is on the market as far as managers go who actually have MLB experience managing? Dusty Baker, John Farrell, Brad Ausmus. Baker is 68, Ausmus didn’t have much success in Detroit and John Farrell came in first place three times in five seasons. He has managed for the Red Sox and Blue Jays, so he is familiar with the division. He could handle managing in Boston and he’s 55 years old, so he could–in theory–manage for like another decade.

I’m sure a lot of Red Sox fans would love to see the Yankees take the bait on this one too. They’d get a guy who doesn’t communicate well with young players and doesn’t use metrics at all. But hey, the track record is there and the Yankees seem like an old-fashioned team. Farrell doesn’t grow out facial hair, nor does he put a nickname on the back of his jersey for players weekend. Now that’s the Yankee way.

The only area he could improve on is having his guys run the bases more aggressively. With the speedy team the Yankees have too, I think that would really help.

The Yankees could go with whatever their version is of an Alex Cora, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Farrell in pinstripes.

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