World Series still fun for Red Sox fans

No Red Sox in the World Series they said. These are the same people who like sequels better (probably) — because they’re wrong.

Sure, the Boston Red Sox ain’t in the World Series this year. Even I know that by now. It’s the Cleveland Indians and the Chicago Cubs. And here’s why you should care about it. Or, in other words, here are the Red Sox connections:


Jon Lester — The Red Sox former ace is now the Cubs ace. He just can’t hit and has no pickoff move. But who cares about that stuff anyways?

John Lackey — The fried chicken and beer champ turned World Series champ is an anchor in another postseason contender’s rotation.

Anthony Rizzo — The first baseman the Sox dealt in the Adrian Gonzalez trade really is the one who got away. One of the best first basemen in baseball now.

Theo Epstein/Jed Hoyer/Jason McLeod — Front office guys who helped build the 04 and 07 teams. These guys know how to win.


Terry Francona — First year in Boston, reverses the curse. Player’s manager beloved by all. Bigelow tea is his green tea of choice.

Brad Mills — Still Terry Francona’s bench coach. Still a Red Sox coaching legend.

Coco Crisp — The guy who wasn’t good enough to play in the postseason a decade ago is part of the reason they’re not in it this year.

Mike Napoli — He was one of the best power hitters in baseball this year. Leaving Boston did well for him.

Andrew Miller — Clean shaven, he’s nasty in relief. That’s the one thing Bobby Valentine did right. The Sox did get Eddie Rodriguez for dealing him, so no complaints.

Michael Martinez — As much as Tito loves his green tea, he loves his defensive replacements. Just as Doug whateverhisnameis.

But wait… didn’t Martinez do a lousy job in the Red Sox outfield this year? And he can’t hit? Head scratcher here.

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