Who from the Red Sox should be an All-Star?

Who from the Red Sox should be an All-Star?

It's not for a few weeks, but it's never too early to start thinking about who could represent the Red Sox in the MLB All-Star game this year. That said, here's a look at who we think should get the opportunity this time around.


Mookie Betts -- Who cares that he missed two weeks of baseball? The guy is still an MVP candidate. He's hitting .345 with 18 home runs, an 1.149 OPS and 13 stolen bases in 51 games thus far. He's worthy.

JD Martinez -- Again, this is an MVP candidate. He has 22 home runs in 66 games this year which means he's good for a home run every three games and could hit more than 50 of them this season. Oh yeah, and he's hitting .317 with a 1.039 OPS.

Chris Sale -- Once again, this man is the Red Sox ace and there's no doubt about it. When you pitch for one of the best teams in baseball and go 6-4 with a 2.75 ERA and 129 strikeouts over 95 innings pitched over 15 starts, that's probably good enough for the nod. 


Craig Kimbrel -- Although he's not having the season he did last year, he has a shot at receiving the recognition. With a 2.40 ERA and 22 saves in 24 chances through 31 appearances this season, he is likely on the cusp. The 43 strikeouts in 30 innings bolster his case, but we'll see what happens.

Andrew Benintendi -- There's just so many good outfielders in baseball this season that this one might be kind of hard. Regardless, it's worth noting just how good Benintendi has been this season. The guy is hitting .297 with 12 home runs. a .931 OPS and 11 steals this season. Under normal circumstances, that's All-Star status, but this league is loaded with elite ones.



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