What happened, Adam Vinatieri?

What happened, Adam Vinatieri?

OK, so this definitely has to be addressed.

You know how Tom Brady is the oldest quarterback in the NFL? Well, there's an even older player in the NFL that New England Patriots fans surely know: Adam Vinatieri. The kicker is 46 years old and is still kicking around. Maybe he shouldn't be though.

Let's not deny that the guy's had a great career. He helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl on three occasions.

Now, however? It's not going so well.

Vinatieri is not having a great year for the Colts. One could even say it is going poorly, by Vinatieri standards at least. If it were you or I kicking, the numbers would be miraculous. However, we are going to hold this once world class football player to a double standard....

In 19 attempts. Vinatieri has hit 14 field goals this season which does not seem all that bad, but then you have to consider how he is doing on extra point kicks. Of his 20 extra point kicks, he has missed six of them. Six! That's right. Six! A 70 percent success rate on extra points. Not good. In his last three games, he is one for four on extra points, leading his team to legit go for two instead. Pretty crazy.

After this year, it is hard to see him back in the NFL because of this lack of success. Good kickers are hard to come by but let's be honest, the best NCAA kicker would likely have better stats than him this season.

So yeah, the Colts are going to need another kicker. Maybe them and the New England Patriots will both have to look to the NFL Draft to find some viable replacements at the position. Kicking is an important part of the game that is too often overlooked.

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