What Athletes Deserve Statues In Boston?

What Athletes Deserve Statues In Boston?

Jake Archer ·

As I’m sure we’ve all seen, statues are in the news. Many around the country are either coming down or being vandalized due to the fact that they represent something “problematic.” With the fall of these statues, I’ve started to think about how to replace them, especially in Boston. 


Boston is a sports-centric city, so why don’t we talk about which sports figures should be immortalized with a statue? I’ll rank my Top 5....

5. Paul Pierce - It’s a little tough to see a Pierce statue going up after it took us so long to get the Bill Russell one done. It also wouldn’t make a whole ton of sense to have him before Larry Bird (more on that to come). However, Pierce is one of the most beloved athletes in the history of the city. I really can’t think of anyone disliking him or having any sort of problem with him. He was basically a Celtic lifer (the Nets, Wizards and Clippers years never happened) and he epitomized bleeding green. I’d love to have it be a statue of Paul and Kevin Garnett together (get lost Ray Allen) but I think Pierce deserves his own monument all to himself. I want to pick a moment or signature pose for each of these so I’ll start here. The Moment: Shouting at the sky in euphoria with his NBA Finals MVP trophy. 

Paul Pierce NBA Finals MVP Boston Celtics (With images) | Paul ...

4. Pedro Martinez - There are so many great Red Sox to consider honoring. Manny Ramirez...oh wait, steroids. Curt Schilling. Oh, nevermind, he’s probably more problematic than any current statue in Boston. Okay, okay let’s go with Pedro. Everyone loves Pedro and he was the ultimate superstar and showstopper in his time here. On this list of 5, I’d say no one was as good at their peak as Pedro was. He’s just a stud and seems like a natural pick. The Moment: I wanted to say either throwing Don Zimmer to the ground, or pointing at his head towards Jorge Posada but I know those won’t work. The pitching motion would probably be the move, or maybe the trademark point towards the sky.

Pedro Martinez, Boston Red Sox (Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

3. Tom Brady - TB is the only active player on this list. It’s weird to do a statue for someone who is still going at it but hey, Brady is always an outlier. He’s going to get a statue one day and it’ll probably be in Foxborough, not Boston, so let’s just get it done now. Even though he left for Tampa Bay, Brady is a God in this region and if they put up 10 statues of him, I doubt anyone would really have a problem with it. The Moment: Holding a Lombardi Trophy. What else?

Bill Belichick's Patriot Way eclipses even Tom Brady

2. Larry Bird - I find it WILD that we don’t already have a Bird statue somewhere. He was the God of Boston before Tom Brady. Every old head in the city (aka someone over like 50) talks about Larry Legend like he was the greatest person, place or thing ever created. It just doesn’t make sense to not have a big ol’ statue of him by The Garden. The Moment: Just taking a 3.

larry bird basketball forever

1. David Ortiz - Ortiz will be the next statue in Boston. They’ve already named a street after him and town seems to love him. When I say the town, I mean the people who make these decisions on who gets these honors. I don’t know whether it’s the fact that this is a baseball city at heart, or that Ortiz helped break the curse and win 3 more after that, or his amazing personality and image, or what. I just know this will happen, and probably rather soon. The rumors are already floating. I forget where I read it, but somewhere I saw someone in the know give a quote about Papi’s statue already somewhat being in the works. I think they even said that the moment would be him raising his fist and holding a microphone as he gives the “This Is Our BLEEPING City” speech. Anyway, that moment is the moment that makes sense, so I won’t even offer another. I can’t wait to see this one be unveiled sooner rather than later.

The MLB player will re-create the real-life moment when he told fans at Fenway Park, “This is our f—ing city,” following the capture of one of the perpetrators of the 2013 marathon bombing.

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