We Should All Be Rooting For The Red Sox To Lose Every Night

We Should All Be Rooting For The Red Sox To Lose Every Night

Jake Archer ·

Red Sox Pitching Gets No Help in 2-1 Loss to Blue Jays

The Red Sox are awful. They are terrible. They are no good AND very bad. If 2020 was a team, it'd be this Red Sox team. I could go ahead and list all the terrible things about them but we'd realistically never get to the end of this blog. All I came here to say was that I am delighted by how bad they are. Yes, you read that correctly. I LOVE that the Red Sox are atrocious and I am actively rooting against them every single day. I'll even go as far as to say that you should be following my lead. Root for them to crash and burn.

You might ask yourself why you would want your favorite baseball team to completely free-fall into the lowest pit that they possibly can. I'll be happy to answer that for you. They deserve it. This ownership group and front office deserves to see everything go horribly wrong after all of the terrible decisions they've made. They deserve to see NESN ratings fall, WEEI listeners tune out and Globe readers (are there actual people that read the Globe?) stop giving them clicks on Sox-related web articles.

I know this all sounds spoiled, but spare me the defense of John Henry or Tom Werner. I'm well aware that they've spent money to compete and they've won four World Series Championships in the past 16 years. That's all well and good but the past is the past. In Boston, we don't give you a free pass to stop trying. If you want to make a mistake here or there and have a season where you play .500 ball once in a blue moon, then okay, things happen. As long as you are attempting to compete, we'll appreciate that.

Unfortunately, the Red Sox decided to spit in our faces. In a sport with no salary cap, one of the richest franchises came to the conclusion that they needed to save money. This resulted in trading the best homegrown player the franchise has seen since Ted Williams. It also resulted in hiring something called a Chaim Bloom to turn us into the Rays. Why should we be following that model? The Rays wouldn't even follow that model if it wasn't a necessity with their small market and low revenue!

A bunch of other things happened to put us in this spot as well, so I really just point those two out as major issues. I honestly believe that when the Sox won the World Series in 2018, the ownership group took a look at all the success they'd had and said, "okay, well we've done everything we need to earn some slack and leeway." They decided to keep essentially the same team together for the next year without attempting to get better at all. Now one might say, "they won 119 games in 2018 so bringing back the same group is smart." No, it almost never is a good idea to just run it back without adding anything. The Sox vastly overachieved in that '18 season and were due for regression. Of course, that's what happened.

After 2019's disaster, ownership kept moving towards their plan to save money. They had let a lame-duck GM hand out big money deals to Chris Sale and Nathan Eovaldi and then fired him. They had dragged their feet with Betts and quietly hoped JD Martinez would opt out of his contract so that they could get him off their books as well. All they did throughout the offseason was get worse. There was never any attempt to better the bullpen (the team's Achilles heel) or support the core group with savvy peripheral moves. Nope, they decided to just tear it down. All of this while continuing to be totally out of touch with the common fan.

One thing the Henry-Werner Red Sox have never been good about, is public relations. They are constantly coming off as tone-deaf and looking like fools. They expect us to continue to pay crazy prices for tickets, beer, hot dogs and merchandise. On the whole, we oblige. I know I look the other way on a lot of what they say and do because I want to go to Fenway. I want to support my team and buy a new jersey. I'll forget about the Don Orsillo firing or the Tito Francona smear campaign or even the Pablo Sandoval contract as long as they keep spending money to win baseball games and play into October.

At this point, they aren't allowing me to bury my head in the sand. They are forcing me and many fans to look at every misstep and every annoying quote under a microscope. We're mocking them now. Hopefully, we're tuning out and trying to make a point. If they lose baseball games, and they alienate all of us, maybe there will be a realization come the offseason. Maybe they'll realize that the Celtics, Patriots and Bruins are light-years ahead of them in approval rating and they'll turn their attention back to spending, winning and getting us back.

That won't happen if they win games. If the Red Sox can sneak into this ridiculously large playoff field, they'll make Postseason 2020 t-shirts and act like everything is hunky-dory. That can't happen. They need to reverse course sooner, rather than later. Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. You can't un-trade Mookie and you've probably pushed JD out the door. Whatever, just do as much to rectify the situation as you can.

For now, I'll continue to ignore them and hope they get walloped every night. I'll laugh to myself when the "opener" doesn't work, when Benintendi bats 0.85, when they keep running Weber out there and when the Yankees bludgeon them. It's painful, but hopefully it'll lead us to an awakening that gets us to where we need to be again.

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