WATCH: Jerry Remy tries eating grasshoppers live during game

WATCH: Jerry Remy tries eating grasshoppers live during game

When in Rome, do as the Romans do is a saying that people like. Well, by that logic when in Seattle, do as the hipsters do, right?

The hipsters aren't everyone's crowd, but hey, the Seattle Mariners have to work with what they have in the city, right? Because they have hipsters as a major clientele, they kind of have to do some odd and trendy stuff to sell tickets. Well, one of those things is selling overpriced grasshoppers at their games. No, not for their pet frogs to eat, but for them to eat. That's right: people love the Mariners grasshoppers.

Well, to be fair, not everyone is a fan of them...

So during Thursday night's Red Sox game, NESN actually came up with a funny segment--and for that, they deserve credit. It's really been downhill since Don Orsillo left in that department. Dave O'Brien is a great broadcaster, there's no doubt about it, but remaking the chemistry that Don and Jerry Remy had is darn near impossible.

Anyways, they decided that RemDawg should try the grasshoppers. Needless to say, it did not go very well.



Seriously: was anyone expecting him to like that? The answer to that is obviously no, which is why it's such great content.

There were a lot of tweets during the segment saying it would have been better if Don was there and all that. You know, it may have been, but it's been three years. Don Orsillo and David Ortiz and my ex aren't walking back through that door. We just have to keep moving forward because unfortunately, that's life.

But you know what, maybe we can do one Don Orsillo clip just to remember what a legend he was back in his day.

Here is what some may consider to be Don Orsillo at his finest: