Visit The Wildlife Sanctuary That Lets You Interact With The Animals

Visit The Wildlife Sanctuary That Lets You Interact With The Animals

Know what's even cooler than a zoo? An animal rescue center and sanctuary!

Animal Adventures in Bolton, MA is New England's largest, privately owned animal rescue center of its kind.

Ed and Brenda Laquidada turned their hobby of caring for animals into a full-time professional in 1997 when they opened the animal education facility.

Each year they take in hundreds of unwanted exotic animals that are no longer able to be kept by their current owners. Some are re-homed and others live at the sanctuary for the rest of their lives.

The facility is open to the public seven days a week from 10 AM to 5 PM, and offers various tours, live shows, and programs for families, school kids, toddlers, college students, and every type of animal lover in between.

Wondering what kind kinds of animals you'll meet at Animal Adventures? The center is currently home to roughly 400 animals and 200 species including reptiles, rodents, birds, foxes, armadillos, porcupines, raccoons, kangaroos, goats, monkeys, wallabies, bunnies, and more!

As for getting up close and personal with the critters, you can book hands-on encounters with some of the wild cats, snakes, owls, etc. A zookeeper will lead your adventure and handle the animals as you look, listen, touch and learn.

General admission to Animal Adventures includes access to any of the three daily animal shows as well as dozens of displays.

Additional programs, encounters, parties, camps, and add-ons go towards keeping this small business running!

Consider supporting Animal Adventures with your patronage and donations. Learn more here.

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