Vince Wilfork skips honoring for a better cause

Although the Patriots had plans to honor Vince Wilfork for their season opener, big Vince was unable to make it.

He decided to not attend the ceremony and it was not to be taken as disrespect. Instead, the legendary and retired nose tackle had bigger, more important plans.

On social media, Wilfork announced he did not want to leave the Houston area as they are recovering from Hurricane Harvey.

Now that’s an excellent reason to not attend. Think about it: he is one of the top players in team history. He achieved so much with the Patriots and had a chance to be noticed for all he has done over the years. But not. When there were human lives at stake, football came second for him. Now that’s a stand up guy.

Like Wilfork said in the video, he has given out about 3000 plate of food already and was giving out grocery store gift cards. Pretty much, he wanted to make sure people had their basic necessities in a time where many people lost everything. That says a lot about him.

In case you forgot how good he was, Wilfork won two Super Bowls with the Patriots and was a five-time Pro Bowler. On paper, that sounds really good, but maybe you’d rather just watch and appreciate what he can do:

Last month, Wilfork signed one of those honorary deals with the Patriots so that he could officially retire with them. Lonnie Paxton did it too and technically, so did Andrew Hawkins despite never playing a single game for the team.

In addition to Wilfork’s efforts in Hurricane relief, another Boston sports legend, Curt Schilling, collected donations and drove a truck down to Texas with supplies in order to help out the cause. He takes a lot of heat for his politics but I think everyone can agree that was a good move.

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